Eternal War 0.61.00

Eternal War, 0.61.00

Version 0.61.00


– The AI should now play more historical
– The US AI should do more invasions in Europe
– Reduced the amount of free units for the White Partisans in Siberia
– Reduced the amount of free units for the USSR
– Removed obsoleted code lines from nearly all AI files
– Adjusted the USA building scheme slightly
– Lowered the defensive & offensive vulnerability of militias a little bit
– Added the Zeppelin unit type
– Added the Scout Cruiser unit type
– Added Ministers for the Ukrainian Hetmanat
– Added some more starting techs for Greece, Yugoslavia, Albania, Switzerland, Chile, Ethiopia, Paraguay and Czechoslavakia
– Added some czech random leader names
– Added some swiss random leader names
– Added a scenario text for the AZT
– Added Units names for the Swiss Rebels
– Overworked the Iran 1936 OOB
– Overworked the Spanish Civil War OOB
– Overworked the Switzerland 1936 OOB
– Overworked Swiss Leaders
– Slightly improved Romanian unit/army naming (more historic accuracy)
– Removed some impossible division/brigade combinations from several OOBs
– Added various events for Bulgaria (War against Romania in 1936)
– Added various events for the soviet occupation of the Baltic states
– Added a White Peace event for the romanian-soviet war
– Added a few Events for Swiss leader retirements
– Added an Event chain to weaken Romania in early game
– Added an event chain to allow the ‘orthotox entente’-events even if Bulgaria has won in 1936 against Romania
– Added an event for the Siberian Whites to get cheap, locked militias to guard the Yenisei
– Added an event chain for the USSR to get some additional IC, fortifications on the western border and some locked garrisons
– Modified the soviet defeat trigger in the romanian-soviet war slightly
– Fixed a bug where Romania was able to trigger the ‘orthodox entente’ event twice
– Fixed a bug where Romania got wrong technologies with at the ‘End of the Christus Front’ Event
– Fixed a bug with the United Front event for White Siberia, it get now the correct core provinces
– Fixed a bug in the Anglo-Soviet Invasion of Iran peace event, Persia now keep control over Teheran and the Soviets gain military access as designed
– Reduced the ai chances for some unwanted event-outcomes
– Removed the option to force Hungary into an alliance with Romania by war. This was a remnant of an old version and is not really needed / has led to strange situations.
– Removed the Darkest Hour 1.05.1 peacetime / wartime economy events
– The events which controls the AI reinforcement slider now has a higher offset to improve game stability
– The event which prevents to build more than 450 land division now has a higher offset to improve game stability
– To prolong the Spanish Civil War, the attack efficiency & moral malus in the civil war event chain was increased
– If you decline with Mongolia to become a soviet puppet in 1936, the offmap VP now gets removed
– Added various new model pictures
– Added a custom sprite for Fire Balloons
– Added new Counter, Flag & Shield for Carpatho-Ukraine
– Added new Counter, Flag & Shield for the Swiss Rebels
– Reworked most unit images
– Reworked the Iberian Peninsula
– Reworked Romania
– Reworked the Caucasus
– Reworked large parts of Siberia
– Reworked Persia
– Reworked Iraq
– Made several province connection in the Swiss Alps & the Caucasus impassible
– Changed the Unit/Counter position of Fribourg since it was too close to Geneva
– Leader death rate slightly decreased
– Chance to get a leader special trait decreased
– Terrain trait bonus increased
– Reworked all terrain modifiers for units
– Removed some old code lines from the 1936 scenario file
– Cavalry 1936 upgrades now to semi-motorized cavalry by default
– Added some missing national provinces for revolter Romania
– Added some missing national provinces for revolter Iceland
– Reworked the air doctrine completely
– Techs researched before historical date needs now much longer
– Lowered the base research modifier
– Switched date & position of ‘in-depth defense’ and ‘in-depth counterattack’
– Added correct components to ‘in-depth defense’, ‘in-depth counterattack’ and ‘mechanized wave’
– Translated some texts into English
– Fixed wrong tech name for Stealth-Interceptor 2005 (german localization)
– Fixed some errors in the localization

– Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game, version 1.05.1

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