Eternal War 0.61.01

Eternal War, 0.61.01 Version 0.61.01 Original Changelog got lost – this one is may not complete AI Improved AI behavior Fixed the USSR Winter War and Barbarossa preparation AIs since they had wrong target provinces definitions Balancing The USSR is now partial mobilized at the start of the game Bulgaria has now an extended professional […]

V-Mods Robotics

Game Stellaris Game Version 3.4.3 Type custom portraits Language Multilanguage Mod Version 1.00.04 Description —— Featuring —— Important Notes —— Credits —— Changelog —— Screenshots —— Download Description New Robot and Machine portraits! This Mod adds 6 new animated portraits to the game. The portraits are avaible for Machine Empires and for Robots. back to […]

WAW – Switzerland 1937

Game Wars across the World Type Scenario DLC Language English, German, French & Russian DLC Version 1.00.01 Price 2.99 Euros Description — Install Info — Planned Features — Changelog — Screenshots — Buy Description The first alternate history scenario for WAW! Switzerland 1937 is the simulation of a fictive civil war in Switzerland, based on […]

Switzerland 1937 released

I wish everyone a beautiful Advent, and proudly want to present a new project: Switzerland 1937 Switzerland 1937 is a scenario DLC for the great turn based strategy game Wars across the World and the first commercial project of V-Mods. The scenario is part of the ‘Eternal War’ universe most of my mods builds on […]

Eternal War 0.61.00

Eternal War, 0.61.00 Version 0.61.00 Changelog: AI – The AI should now play more historical – The US AI should do more invasions in Europe – Reduced the amount of free units for the White Partisans in Siberia – Reduced the amount of free units for the USSR – Removed obsoleted code lines from nearly […]

Stellaris projects paused

Dear visitor, thank you so much for your interest in ‘V-Mods’ for Stellaris! Sadly, I’ve decided that the recent update will be (for now) the last one. I myself don’t play Stellaris anymore (various reasons), and the coming patch 2.2 will change so many stuff, that some of my mods would need a total refit. […]

Eternal War 0.60.00

Eternal War, 0.60.00 Version 0.60.00 Changelog: AI – Russian Civil War minors should no longer sue for peace with the Ussr – Russian Civil War AI for the Red & the Whites improved – The AI should have a more historical behavior (testing phase) – Lowered the max number of divisions the AI build – […]

Stellaris – V-Mods Species: Mass Effect Special

Game Stellaris Game Version 3.4.3 Type custom species Language English & German Mod Version 5.01.01 Description —— Featuring —— Install Info —— Important Notes —— Credits —— Changelog —— Screenshots —— Download Description An MassEffect addon to V-Mods Species This mod adds an custom Asari and Quarian Empire to play with. Both use the great […]

Battle for Supremacy – Bonus Track

Game Stellaris Game Version 2.1.2 Type Soundtrack Language Multilanguage Mod Version 1.00.08 Description —— Changelog —— Download Description: A new Soundtrack by Andreas Waldetoft. This Mod adds a new Music track, created by Andreas Waldetoft. The Track is the OST bonus track “Battle for Supremacy”. I do not own the included music, all rights are […]