V-Mods Robotics

Game Stellaris
Game Version 3.6.1
Type custom portraits
Language Multilanguage
Mod Version 1.00.06

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New Robot and Machine portraits!

This Mod adds 6 new animated portraits to the game. The portraits are avaible for Machine Empires and for Robots.

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Xenon Sector
Custom Machines Animated Portaits

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Importand Notes:

– This mod overwrites the vanilla species classes “Machine” and “Robotic”. Due that, this mod is sadly not compatible with any mod which modifies the same file.

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Xenon Sector by Di Crash
Custom Machines Animated Portaits by SpeisCheese

Thanks a lot for your great work!

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Version 1.00.06, 11/12/2022
– Updated to 3.6.1
Version 1.00.05, 05/12/2022
– Updated to 3.6.0
Version 1.00.04, 24/05/2022
– Updated to 3.4.3
Version 1.00.03, 09/12/2021
– Updated to 3.2.2
– Added compatibility with the Aquatics Species Pack
Version 1.00.02, 27/09/2021
– Updated to 3.1.2
Version 1.00.01, 21/04/2021
– Updated to 3.0.3
Version 1.00.00, 22/02/2021
– Release

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