Eternal War 0.62.00

Eternal War, 0.62.00

Version 0.62.00


  • Added an AI event for some instant build infantry divisions to help the Werhmacht if Germany isn’t able to break through French lines in 1940
  • Germany should now (mostly) ignore the Balkans if the Sovjets are breaking into Poland
  • The Russian Whites should no longer send peace proposals to an player controlled Soviet Union
  • The Swiss Rebels should no longer accept any peace proposals
  • Sinkiang should no longer send any expeditionary forces to the Soviet Union
  • Fixed a bug where the german AI produced divisions with invalid brigades
  • Improved various country AIs


  • Lowered the naval attack of WW2 naval bombers by 1
  • Lowered the production time & cost malus before partial mobilization
  • Lowered the difficulty for the “Rocket Test & Research”-Tech
  • Increased the XP & org bonuses with professional army (low level mobilization)
  • Increased the debuff for both Spanish Nations to longer the civil wars duration
  • Increased Peoples Army Doctrine power
  • Trench brigades now have a speed cap of 2 instead lowering the divisions movement
  • Adjusted the terrain modifiers of various techs and units


  • Added some more unit model names for Romania
  • Added new unit names for the Magyar-Romanian Kingdom
  • Added missing army and division names for the Soviet Army factions
  • Added some missing soviet ministers
  • Removed an Hungarian minister available for Romania in 1936
  • Reworked all soviet leaders to achieve more historical accuracy
  • Improved some soviet minister


  • Added an event to relocate the capital for the Southern Whites if Rostov-on-Don has fallen
  • Added several intervention events for the Swiss Civil War
  • Added Events for the new Great Purge
  • Added Partisan Events for nazi occupied Yugoslavia
  • Added events for the separation of Burma from India
  • Added events for the Japanese invasion of Indochina, Burma and Thailand
  • Added an improved version of the Event for Axis support of the Golden Square Coup in Iraq
  • Re-added the event chain for Syrian/Lebanon support for the Axis/Iraq
  • Fixed some wrong event picture styles
  • Fixed the problem that not all division unlocked with the “Deployment of additional Armies”-Event
  • Fixed a bug that White Siberia did not declared war to the Soviet Siberian Front
  • Fixed a bug that the Swiss Civil War triggered only a day after the Rebels declared independence
  • Fixed a bug where the USA got a wrong core province with the Occupation of Iceland Event
  • Fixed a wrong condition for the Romanian Victory event in the War on Bessarabia
  • Fixed various bugs where new provinces didn’t changed the owner in specific events
  • Improved the event chain for the Japanese invasion of Indochina
  • Increased the chance for historical outcomes for some events


  • Added a new skin for U38
  • Added a new skin for U07
  • Added a new skin for SOV
  • Added some new event pictures
  • Added some unit pictures for SOV
  • Changed map colour of Afghanista


  • Reworked the Map of Thailand, the Horn of Africa, Greenland, Iceland and Ireland
  • Movement between Stryj and Przemysl is now blocked
  • Movement between Novi Sad and Bekescasaba is now blocked
  • Movement between some provinces of the southern Himalaya is now blocked
  • Replaced many wrong terrain type


  • Fixed an missing minister picture for the swiss rebels
  • Albanian VP province will no longer occupied by partisans
  • The Magyar-Romanian Kingdom uses now its own Tag, independent from Romania
  • Improved event directory structur


  • Added a more historic OOB for Romania
  • Added a more historic OOB for Siam
  • Added some missing national provinces of the Soviet Siberian Front
  • Indian State brigades are now locked


  • Fixed some wrong requirements for Air-to-Ground Missiles


  • Added the english localization for some more texts
  • Removed some unused texts
  • Fixed some errors in the vanilla text files
  • Fixed some errors in the mod text files

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