Eternal War 0.62.01

Download 0.62.01


  • England should now focus more on Iraq after the Anglo-Iraqi War breaks out
  • Increased base research speed by 2%
  • Census Tabulating Machines, Automatic feed tabulators & Accounting Machines research bonus increased by 1% each
  • Reduced the research difficulty for all special Equipment components by 2


  • Corrected some unit model names for Italy (more historical accurate)


  • Added an Event to join Axis for Spain, Portugal, France, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, when Axis wins in North Africa and the Middle East
  • Fixed broken French capitulation event which had disbanded all units without returning the manpower
  • Fixed various bugs with the Syria–Lebanon campaign
  • Fixed a bug that the Colonial Army Event triggered only for Iraq instead also for various other countries


  • Added photos for some Italian unit models


  • Special Equipment techs now adds directly a bonus to all units instead of unlocking the special decisions (which were too expensive to be used by minor nations).
  • Vehicle special equipment tech now no longer need infantry special equipment researched before

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