Shadows over Azeroth

Game Warcraft 3 – Frozen Throne
Game Version
Type Custom Campaign
Language German only
Mod Version 0.20.00
Status paused

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A new faction, a new campaign: fight for the only one true warchief – Gul’dan.

‘Shadow over Azeroth’ tells the story of Nehrak Hellcleaver, a proud orc of the Warsong Clan. After Thrall betrayed him, he had to find new allies: the adherents of the Quel’dorei Queen Azshara. Together the new pact will fight against the burning legiona at their own  – and they all will be defeated. But the mighty soul of Gul’dan is still wanders throu the Nether, and he has his own plans for the doomed alliance of orcs and elves.

This project is my oldest by far, it’s origins are going back during the early days of Warcraft 3 (2002-2003). Shortly after I got Warcraft 3, I tried out the Wolrd Editor and made my first (very unprofessional) map. Regardless of the poor quality, this map soon became the first mission of my custom campaign. At this point, the campaign had an absolute nonsense story, no real triggers and no custom units.

Within the years, I became better in using the WE. I can’t remember exactly, but I think it was around 2011 when I completly reworked my campaign. In the end, the over all quality was much better (and more or less playable after all!), but the story was still ludicrous.

In 2015 I overworked the whole campaign again – I crushed the initial concept and wrote a new storyline, which tihs time didn’t interfere with the original Warcraft 3 Story. I even played the whole Reign of Chaos campaigns again to be secured that I don’t write bullshit. This time, I also wanted to have a very hight level of quality. My aim was to create a campaign in the same quality like Blizzard did it. Of course I not will achieve this high level, but I think I’ve made good work so far… Only that I needed months for just a single Map.

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Main Features:

  • complete new faction
  • massive campaign which fits the Warcraft lore (and don’t interfere Warcraft 3 canon)
  • skirmish maps featuring the new faction
  • high-quality level design, cinematics and triggers

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Custom Ressources by

67chrome — Afronight_76 — Anachron — asdfADRiAN — -Berz- — BETABABY — Blood Raven — Caveman — CloudWolf — CRAZYRUSSIAN — D.O.G. — Darkfang — Dentothor — Deolrin — DeuceGorgon — General Frank — GooS — Gottfrei — -Grendel — Grey Archon — HappyTauren — Hemske — JesusHipster — JollyD — Kam — KelThuzad — Kitabatake — Kuhneghetz — lelyanra — loktar — M0rbid — Marcos DAB — Marenko — MasterHaosis — Mephestrial — Mr.Goblin — neo_sluf — NFWar — Ochibi — PeeKay — Pins — s4nji — Sellenisko — shiiK — Skizzik — Sunchips — Tenebrae — The Panda — TheWhiteWolf — Thrikodius — UgoUgo — Ujimasa Hojo — Uncle Fester — unwirklich — zerotul

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How to install:

Download the archive, extract it and copy the campaign file to your “Warcraft 3 Custom Campaign”  directory. Normally this should be something like ‘C:\Programs\Warcraft III\Campaigns’.

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Download the latest Version.

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