Shadows over Azeroth – Credits

Custom ressources by:

BTNBloodLink by 67chrome
BTNDarkSylvanas by 67chrome
BTNHellcaller by 67chrome
BTNWatcherDeathKnight by 67chrome
BTNWebspunZombie by 67chrome
Hellcaller by 67chrome
Illidan by Afronight_76
BTNAbilityWarriorBloodFrenzy by Anachron
BTNChain_Impale by asdfADRiAN
BTNBerserkersHelm by -Berz-
BTNBloodOffering by BETABABY
Gladiators Scimitar by Blood Raven
BTNGruntFemale2 by Cavman
BTN_CW_Death_Guard by CloudWolf
BTN_CW_Sylvanas by CloudWolf
DemonBirth by D.O.G.
ForgottenOneBirth by D.O.G.
BTNDiabolic Shrine by Darkfang
BTNDemonShoulderUPG1 by Dentothor
BTNDemonShoulderUPG2 by Dentothor
BTNDemonShoulderUPG3 by Dentothor
FelOrcOutrider by Deolrin
LegendaryPriestess by DeuceGorgon
Chaos: Altar of Terror by General Frank
BTNAltarOfTerror by General Frank
BTNFelOrc_Rampager by General Frank
FelOrc_Rampager by General Frank
BTNfrozenHorrorGS by GooS
CruelCloister by Gottfrei
DemonicSanctuary by Gottfrei
Burrower by -Grendel
Silhouette by -Grendel
Tormentor by -Grendel
DismoundetHuntress by GreyArchon
BTNDemonTower by HappyTauren
BTNCorruptedBlade by Hemske
SoulArmor by JesusHipster
BTNDemonicSkullPendant by JollyD
humanknight by Kam
BTNEnrage by KelThuzad
BTNInfection1 by KelThuzad
RenegadeArmor by Kitabatake
BTNHeroGrimReaper by Kuhneghetz
BTNEvadeNE by lelyanra
BTNFortressWC2 by loktar
BTNGrimOrc by M0rbid
BTNDeathCoil-Fire by Marcos DAB
BTNpowershot1 by Marenko
BTNpowershot2 by Marenko
BTNpowershot3 by Marenko
BTNChaosAviary by MasterHaosis
BTNChaosBarracks by MasterHaosis
BTNChaosBeastiary by MasterHaosis
BTNChaosMill by MasterHaosis
BTNChaosVault by MasterHaosis
ChaosAviary5 by MasterHaosis
OrcBarracks4 by MasterHaosis
Chaos Mill by MasterHaosis
Undead iggurat by MasterHaosis
LegionTransporter by Mephestrial
BTNFelOrcOutRider by Mr.Goblin
BTNINV_Axe_11 by neo_sluf
BTNCFClawStrike by NFWar
BTNElite Light Armor by NFWar
BTNHarpArrow by NFWar
BTNPlateArmor by NFWar
BTNPlateArmor02 by NFWar
BTNCruelCloisterTier1 by Ochibi
BTNGoldenCrown3 by PeeKay
BTNGoreShield by PeeKay
NightCrawler by Pins
HumanSelectionAura by s4nji
UndeadSelectionAura by s4nji
DwarvenUndeadpaladin by Sellenisko
OrcBoneCollector by Sellenisko
BTNRilrae Thraele by shiiK
Pentagram Aura by Skizzik
BanditBludgeonbySunchips by Sunchips
RPGChaos by Tenebrae
RPGOrc by Tenebrae
BTNBloodyHook by The Panda
Spine of Thousend Cuts by TheWhiteWolf
Shrine of the Deathwalker by Thrikodius
BTNFlamingRaven by UgoUgo
FlamingRavenNG by UgoUgo
ForsakenGrave by Ujimasa Hojo
VultureRider by Uncle Fester
DemonicUI by unwirklich
BTNSacrificialAltar by zerotul

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