Eternal War

Game Darkest Hour – A Hearts of Iron Game
Game Version 1.05.1
Type Total Overhaul
Language German / English (partial)
Mod Version 0.62.03
Status WIP

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A complete overhaul of Darkest Hour.

The russian civil war ended with a patt. The western democraties lies in chaos, civil unrest spreads unstoppable. Reactionary, anticommunist movements grow rapidly.

This is the world of ‘Eternal War’. An alternate history, where the conservative traditionalists are a s force to be reckoned with. What, if there was a fourth power beside the allies, axis and komintern? What if the reactionary movement enters World War II to bring the world a new kind of Vienna Congress?
‘Eternal War’ is a complete overhaul for Paradox’ Darkest Hour. But even if it comes with new menu art, modified interface, some new techs, units and more, it’s not a total conversation. You play the same World War II as in real history, but there will be many events, that can alter the outcome of this biggest war in history enormous. Many new powerfull nations will emerge and try to rescue the old order of europa. Fight with the last Whites for Tsar and St. Gregor or unite the Balkan to hold off nazi Germany and the USSR. There are many more possibilities, and as a addittion, the new tech-tree goes beyond the year 2000. ‘Eternal War’ wants to be the ultimate grand strategy games which never ends, with hunded of events and possibilites to play.

It is my most ambitious project and a kind of lifework. I want to expand the DH timeline into the the far feature – alltimes with with the correct politicians, techs and historic events. Of course I may be never will pass the year 2050, but let’s try!

Beside this, the whole game should be as realistic as possible. All alternate history events are carefully researched and explained throu thousends of lines of text. The combat mechanics are adjusted to a new WYSIWYG-System, where not abstract modifiers make the diffrence, but the unit type, the terrain and the doctrines as in real life. Even the Wehrmacht isn’t aible anymore to overrun mountains with douzens of tank divisions.
The whole mod is designed for RP-playing. The AI isn’t very hard, and there are lot of exploits. It’s clearly not for anyone who likes to steamroll the world – this mod is for guys which builds the Bismarck with Germany, even if everyone knows that capital ships are useless as axis Player.

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Main Features:

  • alternate 1936 Scenario
  • new, beautiful detailed map
  • massive amount of new Events
  • overworked techtree
  • overworked ministers, leaders and teams
  • lot of new countries with their own Story and their own possibility to influence WW2

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How to install:

Download the archive, extract it and copy the “Eternal War”-folder to your DH mod directory.

If you have steam this is normally ‘C:\Programs\Steam\steamapps\common\Darkest Hour A HOI Game\Mods’.

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NOTE: not all screenshots were taken in the latest version

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Download the latest Version.

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