Eternal War 0.62.02

Download 0.62.02 AI The AI no longer release random countries, this should only happen by event now Events Fixed a critical, game breaking bug within the generic “Freikorps” events Fixed a bug that the “Romanian victory in Bulgaria” event could triggered after WW2, if Romania switched side to the Komintern Fixed a bug that “Germany […]

Eternal War 0.62.01

Download 0.62.01 AI England should now focus more on Iraq after the Anglo-Iraqi War breaks out Balancing Increased base research speed by 2% Census Tabulating Machines, Automatic feed tabulators & Accounting Machines research bonus increased by 1% each Reduced the research difficulty for all special Equipment components by 2 Content Corrected some unit model names […]

Eternal War 0.62.00

Eternal War, 0.62.00 Version 0.62.00 AI Added an AI event for some instant build infantry divisions to help the Werhmacht if Germany isn’t able to break through French lines in 1940 Germany should now (mostly) ignore the Balkans if the Sovjets are breaking into Poland The Russian Whites should no longer send peace proposals to […]

Eternal War 0.61.01

Eternal War, 0.61.01 Version 0.61.01 Original Changelog got lost – this one is may not complete AI Improved AI behavior Fixed the USSR Winter War and Barbarossa preparation AIs since they had wrong target provinces definitions Balancing The USSR is now partial mobilized at the start of the game Bulgaria has now an extended professional […]

Eternal War 0.61.00

Eternal War, 0.61.00 Version 0.61.00 Changelog: AI – The AI should now play more historical – The US AI should do more invasions in Europe – Reduced the amount of free units for the White Partisans in Siberia – Reduced the amount of free units for the USSR – Removed obsoleted code lines from nearly […]

Eternal War 0.60.00

Eternal War, 0.60.00 Version 0.60.00 Changelog: AI – Russian Civil War minors should no longer sue for peace with the Ussr – Russian Civil War AI for the Red & the Whites improved – The AI should have a more historical behavior (testing phase) – Lowered the max number of divisions the AI build – […]

Eternal War 0.55.00

Eternal War, 0.55.00 Version 0.55.00 Changelog: AI – AI redeploy cheat (static max. value of days needed for redeployment) deactivated – The AI no longer changed ministers due their personality – Changed neutrality stance of Syrian AI – Changed the German targets in Poland to prevent that Krakow becomes unconquerable to the AI – Overworked […]