Eternal War 0.60.00

Eternal War, 0.60.00

Version 0.60.00


– Russian Civil War minors should no longer sue for peace with the Ussr
– Russian Civil War AI for the Red & the Whites improved
– The AI should have a more historical behavior (testing phase)
– Lowered the max number of divisions the AI build
– Improved the Russian Civil War balancing when both sides are played by the AI
– Adjusted the Greek Air Force OOB
– Added the Carpatho-Ukraine as a one province minor
– Added an white peace Event for the Italian Balkan War
– Added an white peace Event for the Finnish Winter War
– Added an Event for Norway to ally with the Axis
– Added several Events for the independence of the Carpatho-Ukraine
– Added an event chain to prevent colonial territories from building armies
– Lowered the chance of some unhistorical outcomes
– Egypt switches no longer side if the Axis just controls one province near Cairo
– Fixed an bug that the Italian surrender did not work correctly if Romania has switched side before
– Fixed a bug that the Anglo-Iraqi War did not trigger proper if the allies were at war with a minor.
– Adjusted various Events which gaves boni to the USSR
– Removed most AI supporting Events (e.g. free units)
– Corrected a wrong photo for GRE commander Spiliotopoulos
– Added some model pictures in the new (larger) format
– Removed some model pictures in the old (small) format
– Adjusted the VPs in Europe/Asia
– Adjusted the terrain type of some provinces
– Adjusted MP, IC & Infra for some provinces
– Made the movement between Chambery and Pinerolo impossible
– Made the movement between Alta and Petsamo impossible
– Added new provinces
– Added an topographic map layer
– Updated mod to HoI:DH 1.05.01
– Overworked the MP System (WIP)
– Restructured the text files for better modability/compatibility
– Some changes I forgot to note…

I hope you enjoy it ?

– Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game, version 1.05.1

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