Stellaris projects paused

Dear visitor, thank you so much for your interest in ‘V-Mods’ for Stellaris!

Sadly, I’ve decided that the recent update will be (for now) the last one. I myself don’t play Stellaris anymore (various reasons), and the coming patch 2.2 will change so many stuff, that some of my mods would need a total refit. Due other priorities, less time and RL, I can’t do such a rework in the quality I want to provide and you deserve.

There are future Stellaris projects, including a complete retrofit of all my mods, but I can’t tell you when I will start again with modding Stellaris. Maybe with 2.2.1 – maybe with 4.0.
I really don’t know it.

Thanks again for checking out my mods, I hope you will enjoy Stellaris further and always try new mods, there are many epic projects of really talented modders which need your support!

It was a great time, knowing folks like you had fun with my work. But now, even if it’s hard: Farewell!

You can check out, download & comment the paused projects here: LINK

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