Retrofit Extended

Game Medieval 2 – Kingdoms
Game Version 1.52
Type Major Overhaul
Language German only
Mod Version 0.80.00
Status Paused

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A extended version of Unspoken Knight’s “Retrofit Mod”.

The Retrofit Mod adds various Medieval 2 – Kingdoms features, improvements and bug fixes to the vanilla game.

The major features of the Retrofit Mod are:

– Hotseat Campaigns
– Control AI Reinforcements
– Boiling Oil
– 4 Additional custom battle maps (Backwoods, Borderlands, Forts, Trenches).
– Unit rebalancing
– AI Unit Recruitment tweaks
– Campaign AI Tweaks
– Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

“Retrofit Extended” comes along many additional features with the goal to improve the main campaign even more, without alter the vanilla feeling. The player should have many more options and ways to play, but with same feeling like when playing the original Medieval 2.

The Retrofit Extended came into being with lot of small adjustments I’ve made to improve the gameplay for my personal taste. After some time I have chosen to combine all these private mini mods into a big single mod. This here is the result.

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Main Features:

  • many more provinces
  • many new units for various countries
  • some new traits and retinues
  • overworked campaign start
  • some smaller adjustments

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How to install:

Download the archive, extract it and copy the “Retrofit Extended”-folder to your Medieval 2 mod directory.

If you have steam this is normally ‘C:\Programs\Steam\steamapps\common\Medieval II Total War\mods’.

Make a backup copy of the Kingdom-campaign you don’t want to play (as example ‘americas’) and rename the “Retrofit Extended” folder to “americas”. Start the game (steam launcher) and choose ‘Medieval II: Total War Americas’.

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Download the latest Version.

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