Stellaris – V-Mods Species

Game Stellaris
Game Version 3.6.1
Type custom species
Language English & German
Mod Version 5.01.02

Description —— Featuring —— Install Info —— Available Species —— Important Notes —— Planned Features —— Trivia —— Credits —— Changelog —— Screenshots —— Download


Many new species – and more!

This Mod adds up to 19 new, custom made species to Stellaris!
Every Species comes with a individual background, which is connected to the others. Take out your old rival or restore your species lost empire – there’s a lot of lore for roleplaying!

This mod also adds 5 new citytypes (four only for prescripted species), 2 new shiptype (one only for prescripted species), 18 new starting systems, some new and some edited portraits, over 15 new namelists, new unique deposits (for specific homeworlds), lot of emblems & backgrounds, unique planet modifiers, more then 20 new species traits, a new species class with some unique gameplay machnaics – and much more!

The mod is splitted since v3.0. Every species is available as a single mod. Due this, you can just deactivate the species you don’t like via the launcher.
Do you want to play with the Cyrons, but you absolutely don’t like the Qerenth? With version 3.0 this is no longer a Problem!

Since Paradox changed lot of game mechanics since Megacorp, I had to rework this entire mod. Most major changes in v5.0 are the empire starting setups, the Parasite trait, the Pandora game mechnic and the Spice.
– In version 4.x.x, most custom prescripted empires had an unique homeworld, based on the System initializer. In v5.0, most of this is reached by different, new origins.
– I decided to remove the Parasite trait completly. By gameplay aspects, it was nearly the same like Necrophage. From a modders perspective, it was hard as hell – or impossible – to achieve the old trait based parasites within the new pop & pop growth system. For RP, the parasite species of this Mod, Shemei and Seth, works very well as Necrophages.
– Due the changes by Paradox, it was no longer possible to do a new species type like the Prometheans. I’d had to change so many vanilla files, that this Mod would become incompatible with many other mods. After trying to still get it realized for hours, I decided to give up. Now, there’s just an origin which spawns the Pandora Machine on your homeworld. The machine produces Promethean Ships, Armies or Leaders. They cost some upkeep, but have very special abilities!
– The Spice is now a full strategic resource you have to farm the classic way. If you have Spice on a world, you can research an tech to build refineries. With the strategic resource, you can do some special edicts or sell it for lot of cash.
– It is no longer possible to adjust a species after game start without any issues. Due that, it was no longer possible to keep all portraits in a V-Mods species catagory (or, it is possible, but there species class would be V-Mods the entire game, which looks horrible). The Seth got their own category, while the species class V-Mods was renamed to humanoid. So, you have two humanoid species classes to choose from, one vanilla, one of this mod. This is not the best looking solution, but it works and is much better then immersion breaking “V-Mods” species class species ingame.

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BJR – Golden Avian Ships
More City Types
The Pallid
Human Revolution
Flags: Emblems & Backgrounds
Xenon Sector
Elves of Stellaris
Expanded System Names
Elves of Stellaris
Custom Machines Animated Portaits
Ascellian Race

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Install Info:

This Mod contains only the basic files (like traits, namelists, System initializers etc.). To use one of the custom species, click on the pic below and subscribe the specific mod. If you like to have them all, check out this collection.

You also have then to activate the species separatly in the launcher.

The ‘Ascellian Free Traders’ species need additionally the mod ‘Decadence Unlimited’ to work proper.

The ‘Pandora Hierarchy’ species need additionally the mod ‘V-Mods – Robotics’ to work proper.

If you want to use the ‘Randomized Spawn’ Add-on, make sure that none of the basic species submods are activated. Otherwise you will get duplicated species.

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Available Species:

 photo TerranAlliance_zpsmdrpf29j.png  photo CyronianOrder_zpsecfdpes1.png photo Centauri_zpsgzdtjfkg.png  photo NewCyronia_zpsgfokrsl1.png photo NewZion_zpshuhqh3lv.png  photo LeagueVeksha_zpshw6bbn7i.png photo Atreides_zpsbsaeblmr.png  photo Sejeth_zpsno32aedw.png  photo TsunEmpire_zps0rwgbagu.png  photo QerenthRepublic_zpsacaqtwrc.png photo PandoraHierarchy_zps4j2ddty6.png  photo PyrrhoxianHive_zpsozwlajen.png 
 photo DarkOnes_zpsc4wzqesn.png  photo Thysrathian_zpse5ciazcr.png  photo Valerian_zps55l65q1i.png  photo Shemei_zpsupuqc2wb.png
 photo banner_vmods_species_ascellian_zpsbljsslyj.png

 photo banner_vmods_species_mass_effect_zpsbrytolsq.jpg
 photo banner_vmods_randomized_spawn_zpsjgy3blem.jpg

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Importand Notes:

– All (in the launcher) activated species will spawn ALWAYS.
– I’ve added a modified version of the Sol-system. This was necesary to avoid a duplicated Alpha Centauri system because the ‘Centauri Dominion’ uses Alpha Centauri as starting system. (Alpha Centauri is now no longer neighboring Sol)
– These new species are mainly for roleplaying, don’t expect good balancing 😉
– English isn’t my main language. Don’t expect a shakespearean localisation. I will try my best, but google translate is my friend.
– At empire creation, you get two “Humanoid” species classes listed for portraits. One contains the vanilla portraits, the other the mod’s content. This is mainly for mod compatability.
– The “Autogamy” trait is free. You can choose it with every species type (AI will never choose it), but in most cases, it will be unusefull since only matriarchal species can’t procreate without another species.

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Planned Features:

– Individual starting screen for all species
– Custom anomalies & events
– General optimization
– Portrait optimization
– Additional species
– Pandora origin rework
– Individual name list for all 16 species
– Individual starting sectors for all 16 species
– More traits/modifiers
– Some more unique buildings
– “Spice” as strategic ressource
– Some additional Robot portraits

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– House Atreides is my tribute to Frank Herberts “Dune” which I really love!
– The Empire of Tsun is a tribute to the Sunrider Games and Ace Academy.
– The Centauri Dominion is the successor to a custom made Faction in a Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri mod, made by myself.
– The Order of Cyron is my main Species with whom I normally play.
– The Shemei Covenant is my main Species with whom I normally play.
– The Seth are from a dream I once had.
– The Jehudi are inspired by the (medieval) Ashkenazi and the modern era Lehi

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BJR – Golden Avian Ships by Bjusterbaarlik
More City Types by Jay
The Pallid by Krabiel
Human Revolution by stallfish & Killorado
Flags: Emblems & Backgrounds by swefpifh
Clothes from ‘Elves of Stellaris’ by TheGrandN
Xenon Sector by Di Crash
Expanded System Names by direwolf007
Custom Machines Animated Portaits by SpeisCheese
Ascellian Race by Wɪʟsᴏɴ
Ascellian Race based on work by silfae
Ascellian Artwork by Evgeny Tumanis

Thanks a lot for your great work!

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Version 5.01.02, 11/12/2022
– Updated to 3.6.1
Version 5.01.01, 24/05/2022
– Updated to 3.4.3
Version 5.01.00, 09/12/2021
– Updated to 3.2.2
– Code optimized
– Pandora Hierarchy is now Determined Exterminator
– Pandora Origin completly reworked
– Pyrrhoxian Hive now uses Lithoid Shipset
– Sejeth Hierarchy now uses Necroid Shipset
– League of Veksha-Xul have now the Death Cult civic
– Added Slave Traders origin
– Added new Human (Minoan) portrait
– Added House Minos species
– Adjusted Proud/Arrogant/Narcisstic trait modifiers
Version 5.00.02, 06/10/2021
– Updated to 3.1.2
– Reworked the VMSC starting system to use the new industrial districts
– Fixed a bug in the M:E Special; the Quarians now starts with the correct origin effect
Version 5.00.01, 21/04/2021
– Updated to 3.0.3
– Added two planetary edicts for slave/citizen population control
– Pandora in the Iapetos System now always is a nuked world
Version 5.00.00, 22/02/2021
– Updated to 2.8.1
– Complete rework of nearly every aspect
– Added the ‘V-Mods Space Corporation’
Version 4.20.03, 05/09/2018
– Updated to 2.1.2
– Added an farewell message
Version 4.20.02, 01/06/2018
– Updated to 2.1.1
Version 4.20.01, 02/05/2018
– Updated to 2.0.4
– Fixed a bug that custom Prometheans didn’t started with the Pandora Machine
Version 4.20.00, 04/04/2018
– Updated to 2.0.2
– Improved scripts & events essentially
– Improved compatibility
– Added several new human portraits which ne clothes, hairs etc.
– Rebalanced ‘Spice’ modifier
– Added ‘V-Mods’ species class
– Forgot to note the changes – maybe there are lot more then I remember
– Feel free to call me if you encounter any unexpected (not listed) changes
Version 4.10.06, 08/12/2017
– Updated to 1.9.0
– Changed the ‘Sejeth Hierarchy’ ship graphic to ‘humanoid’
Version 4.10.05, 03/12/2017
– Fixed a bug that Matriarchies & Prometheans species has their initial homeworld removed
– Fixed a bug that the AI sterilized all it’s pops via genetic modifying
– Added a missing english localization (Inbred trait)
Version 4.10.04, 13/11/2017
– Fixed a bug which has disabled many vanilla buildings
– Fixed a bug that there were no options to customize Shemei leaders
– Unique starting buildings now have to be replaced instead of being upgraded
Version 4.10.03, 12/11/2017
– Fixed several bugs concerning the new opinion modifiers
– Fixed a bug with the english localization
Version 4.10.02, 11/11/2017
– Added the ‘Ascellian Free Traders’
– Integrated the ‘Ascellian Race’ mod
– Added a new namelist for matriarchies
– Added a starting system for the ‘Ascellian Free Traders’
– Optimized some obsolete asset selector codes
– The ‘Artificial Insemination’-trait was replaced with ‘Autogamy’
Version 4.00.02, 03/11/2017
– There are no longer randomized Promethean species on game start – this was unwanted and buggy
– Optimized some obsolete asset selector codes
– Slightly improved the shemei robot portrait
– Added a few random names for the matriarchy & promethean species classes
Version 4.00.01, 30/10/2017
– Updated to 1.8.3
Version 4.00.00, 24/10/2017
– Added 4 new portraits
– Added many new traits for the Promethean species class
– Added some new unique starting buildings for the prescripted starting systems
– Spice is now a strategic ressource with it’s own gameplay mechanic
– Integrated the ‘Expanded System Names’ mod
– Integrated parts of the ‘Custom Machines Animated Portaits’ mod
– General rebalancing of some traits
– General optimization
– Improved/fixed some localisation issues
Version 4.00.00 BETA, 12/10/2017
– Updated to 1.8.2
– Added 2 new species classes (Promethean & Matriarchal)
– Added the ‘Inbred’ trait
– Added the ‘Matriarchal’ trait (Matriarchal only)
– Added the ‘Artificial Insemination’ trait (Matriarchal only)
– Added the ‘Ensouled’ trait (Promethean only)
– Added the ‘Semi-Consciousness’ trait (Promethean only)
– Added the ‘Advanced Logic Processor’ trait (Promethean only)
– Added the ‘Scary’ trait
– Overworked the ‘Promethean Construct’ & ‘Warmachine’ traits
– Adjusted some of the prescripted species’ civics and traits
– Improved/fixed some localisation issues
Version 3.40.00, 27/09/2017
– Updated to 1.8.0
– Adjusted the traits of some species to restore compatibility with 1.8.0
– Replaced the system-initializer based custom syncretic species with customized syncretic evolution civics. This was necessary due the changes that pdox made with 1.8.0.
– Reworked all custom System initializers. This was necessary due the changes that pdox made with 1.8.0. They work, but are still WIP.
Version 3.30.03, 19/06/2017
– Updated to 1.6.2
Version 3.30.02, 02/06/2017
– Fixed missing regnal names for various name lists.
– Fixed a bug with the name of the prescripted ‘House Atreides’ ruler.
– Added custom tooltips to the ‘Parasite’- and ‘Promethean Construct’-traits.
– Added the ‘Sterile’-trait – you can now sterilize your pops via gene modding.
Version 3.30.01, 30/05/2017
– Fixed missing english localization for the promethean species traits.
– Changed the ‘Cyborg’ species class to ‘Artificial’.
Version 3.30.00, 29/05/2017
– Added 2 new backgrounds for empire flags
– Added 3 new emblems for empire flags
– Improved the quality of the ‘Shemei Covenant’ flag emblem
– Fixed a bug that the ‘Alpha Centauri’ system was created sometimes twice
– Renamed the ‘Shemei Covenant’ to ‘Shemei Cult’
– Reworked the Shemei species traits to fit the lore better
– Reworked the ‘House Atreides’ empire flag
– Reworked the ‘Empire of Tsun’ empire flag
– Reworked the ‘Sejeth Hierarchy’ empire flag
– Reworked the ‘Pyrrhoxian Hive’ empire flag
Version 3.20.00, 20/05/2017
– Added the ‘Shemei Covenant’
– Added a namelists for the ‘Shemei Covenant’
– Added a starting system for the ‘Shemei Covenant’
– Added a new trait (Warlike)
– Added a prescripted, custom ‘Syncretic Evolution’ species for the Sethia-System
– Added a prescripted, custom ‘Syncretic Evolution’ species for the Lamia-System
– Added a prescripted, custom ‘Syncretic Evolution’ species for the Cyronia-System
– Added a static opinion modifier for the ‘Principality of New Cyronia’ and the ‘Order of Cyronia’, now they always hate each other
– Fixed a bug that the new rules for ‘Parasite’ and ‘Promethean Construct’ were not applied correctly
– Parasites can now feed on their own species, but with an immense penalty
Version 3.10.00, 18/05/2017
– Updated to 1.6.1
– Changed back the Cyron portrait to vanilla molluscoid_15
– Added a new portrait (Shemei, female only lamia-like species)
– Added a new city type for the ‘Tribunal of New Zion’
– Added a new flag emblem
– Added two new traits (Proud & Immortal)
– Overworked & improved most of the new trait icons
– Overworked & rebalanced the custom traits
Version 3.00.00, 12/05/2017
– Updated to 1.6.0
– Added a new portrait (Fremen, modified version of the vanilla humans)
– Added a new portrait (Cyrons, Molluscoid 15 with new clothes, more Color options and a custom made female portrait)
– Redefined the default portrait for humans, all human factions have now an different one
– Added new namelists for the species which had none
– Added a starting system for the ‘Tribunal of New Zion’
– Added a starting system for the ‘Pandora Hierarchy’
– Added a unique building for the ‘Pandora Hierarchy’
– The additional traits now counting as ‘advanced traits’ for gene modding
– Added some more trait-opposites to prevent unlogic random generated species
– Overworked ‘Parasite’ and ‘Promethean Construct’ traits, growth is now completely deactivated if the needed conditions aren’t given
– Splitted the mod to make the species separately choosable
– Changed the ethics of the ‘Principality of New Cyronia’ to fanatic xenophobe/spiritualists
– Rollback of the ‘Fanatical purifier’-Civic to vanilla
Version 2.00.00, 18/04/2017
– Updated to 1.5.1, reworked the governments of all custom species
– Added a new species class (Cyborg) inclusive City & ship type (based on Di Crash’s Xenon Sector)

– Added the ‘Tribunal of New Zion’
– Added the ‘Pandora Hierarchy’
– The ‘standard’ trait for the human species is now ‘Adaptable’ instead ‘Nomadic’ & ‘Quick Learner’ 
– The ‘Abominable’-trait was replaced with ‘Emotionless’
– The ‘Hive’-trait was replaced with ‘Bustling’
– The ‘Unscholarly’-trait was replaced with ‘Arrogant’
– Added the ‘Narcissistic’-trait
– Added the ‘Paranoid’-trait
– Added the ‘Promethean Construct’-trait
– Added the ‘War Maschine’-trait
– Reworked the traits of all custom species
– Localized custom ruler titles to english
– ‘Fanatical purifier’-Civic is now also avaible for fanatic spiritualists
Version 1.10.02, 06/03/2017
– Added a interconnection to the V-Mods – Religions mod.
Version 1.10.01, 20/02/2017
– The ‘Dark Ones’ and ‘Neo-Human’ portraits are no longer used for random species.
Version 1.10.00, 18/02/2017
– Added one new namelist (Terran)
Replaced the ‘infertile’ trait (Seth) with ‘parasite’. Parasites requires at least one xeno species as host, otherwise they will suffer massive disadvantages.
– There will always spawn a species called Sejethani (the natives of Sejeth) on the homeworld of the Sejethanibus System. This species serves as a initial host for the parasite Seth.
Version 1.00.00, 16/12/2016
– Release

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