Eternal War 0.62.02

Download 0.62.02


  • The AI no longer release random countries, this should only happen by event now


  • Fixed a critical, game breaking bug within the generic “Freikorps” events
  • Fixed a bug that the “Romanian victory in Bulgaria” event could triggered after WW2, if Romania switched side to the Komintern
  • Fixed a bug that “Germany announce claims on Greece” could triggered at the end of WW2, if Greece switched side to the Komintern


  • Added missing Sea Borders in the Persian Gulf
  • Added symbols for blocked provinces in Libya, Arabia, Egypt and Sudan
  • Added photos for some Italian air units


  • Fixed some illogical province connections in Egypt


  • Improved the Italian navy OOB


  • Extended the English localization (still many texts left, sadly)

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