Eternal War 0.62.03

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  • Added some improved AI files for Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Saudi Arabia if they decide to join the Axis after the victory in the Middle East event.
  • Added some improved AI files for Italy and Romania if they decide to switch side and fight against the axis.
  • Fixed a bug where the Romanian intervention into Russia triggered a series of AI events which make most European countries declare war against the USSR.
  • Germany should support its allies more after the victory in Middle East event.
  • Allies should focus more on their bridgeheads in Europe and send more troops. 
  • Countries with low IC should now build more IC.
  • India should send more troops to UK.
  • India should build a more diverse army.
  • Nations with People’s Army Doctrine enact total mobilization as soon they have 0 manpower, no matter if they are losing provinces or not (normal (AI) nations only do when they are in desperate defense).


  • Added an Event which resets all event given boni and mali for Germany and the USSR if there’s a stalemate in 1945. This is in favour of Germany so that there’s still a chance for victory if you can hold back the USSR long enough.
  • Added a massive event chain for AI countries not at war, which builds up Infrastructure over time (they pay the regular 1 IC and it need regular 360 days).
  • The hidden D-Day event should now only fire once, even if the invasion is not successful – the allies often evacuated the troops added by these events from France and used them on other fronts, which was never indented.
  • Reduced the boni from Great Patriotic War event.
  • Reduced the GDE boni of Blitzkrieg Doctrine path by 7%.
  • Increased the minimum of Troopships the AI of Germany, Japan, the US and England should have.
  • Increased the infantry and mountaineer hard attack boni of 1938 and 1940 anti tank artillery tech to 1.
  • Increased hard attack of infantry from 1942+ by 1.
  • Increased hard attack of motorized infantry 1942, 1945, 1948, 1952 and 1956 by 2.
  • Increased hard attack of mechanized infantry 1942, 1945 and 1948 by 2.
  • If Japan is played by AI, the 15th Army in Burma is created by event (at full MP cost) since the AI isn’t able to send effective reinforcements to Thailand fast enough.
  • British Homeguard is no longer blocked so that they can also used to defend British Colonies (and because the AI struggles with blocked units especially at beaches)
  • Lowered the dissent that Romania got after switching side.


  • Fixed a bug where Germany didn’t got a claim on Bayonne after the Fall of France.
  • Fixed a bug where the Province Durmitor was not affected by the Partitioning of Yugoslavia event.
  • Fixed a bug with the Yugoslav Partisan event which didn’t triggered for Croatia and triggered too often.
  • Fixed a bug that the Yugoslav Anti Axis Coup has triggered also when Yugoslavia was part of the orthodox entente.
  • Fixed a bug that Italy didn’t get control over “Les Baronnies” after Operation Attila.
  • Fixed a bug where the Anglo-Iraq War didn’t triggered correctly when Jamaica declared its independence due partisan occupation.
  • If the Spanish Republic wins the Civil War, the international Brigades are now disbanded correctly.
  • If Romania joins the War against the USSR but don’t join the Axis, it give military access to Dacia, Bulgaria and Germany, if these are allied.
  • Adjusted the Barbarossa reaction events of Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan to the current version of this mod (they were outdated and not working any more).
  • Adjusted the Invasion of the Caucasus event to the current version of this mod (it was outdated and didn’t worked anymore).
  • Added an event for Bulgaria to join the Axis if Romania form the Orthodox Entente.
  • Added an separate peace event for the USSR and the Ukrainian Hetmanate if the Soviet where losing the civil war.
  • Added an separate peace event for the USSR and the Caucasus nations if the Soviet where losing the civil war.
  • Added an event for the Sibirian Whites to annex the Cossack States if the new Tsardom is created.
  • Reduced the AI chances for some ahistorical options
  • Removed the “Foreign investment” event because it was bugged for countries without any province with 30+ infrastructure.
  • Removed the “Tension Rising” event for Hungary since Eternal Wars uses its own version of this event.
  • Removed the “Peace of Bryansk” event chain because its no longer used by the mod.


  • Added various unit & model pictures for Romania.


  • Corrected the terrain types in Turkey.
  • Moved the VP from Riyadh to Medina.


  • Removed the possibility to do nuclear attacks: The AI can’t handle it the right way. I want to replace it with an event based nuke system… One time… maybe.
  • Increased the offset for many events to improve performance


  • Fixed some missing localizations.

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