V-Mods Species Changelog

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Version 5.30.00, 11/01/2024
– Updated for 3.10.04 and fixed various bugs which were caused by the version differences
– Domination flags are now used also for random empire creation
– Fixed a bug that the planet Yischaq in the New Zion system had no planetary features
– Fixed a bug that you could add Fleeting and Very Fleeting to the same species
– The Pandora Machine now works for any country that owns it, not only for the country initially started with the origin.
Changed content:
– Reworked the Promethean leaders (necessary due new leader system)
– Reworked the V-Mods Space Company Star System (necessary due new habitat system)
– Moved the V-Mods Species Humanoid portraits into the vanilla humanoid portrait category
– Ascellian Race again dress according to their jobs (was initially like this, but code was obsoleted long ago)
– The Valerian State uses now the aquatic shipset
– The Quarians (Mass Effect Special) uses now the toxoids shipset
– Order of Cyronia has now the civic “Divine Crusader” instead of “Corvee System”
– Shemei Cult has now the civic “Pampous Purists” instead of “Corvee System”
– Ascellian Free Traders has now the civic “Masterful Crafters” instead of “Cutthroat Politics”
– Dune Archeologist Jobs have now increased production and produces additionally Minor Artifacts
– Origin “Unity through War” adds 1000 Volatile Motes to ensure upkeep of the military academy
– Trait “Autogamy” now only available for matriarchal Species
– Trait “Autogamy” now no longer available for species with the trait “Asari” (Mass Effect Special)
– Disabled various (of the new) traits for Hive Minds because they has made no sense for drones (arrogant hive drones?)
– Acension Perk “Shared destiny” now adds 3 to the divided patronage limit instead of 1
– Increased the time the Pandora Machine needs to produce event units by 90 days.
Additional Content
– Included V-Mods Robotics
– Added some template species names for shapeshifter
– Added missing ruler/heir titles for some species
– Added an missing text for the Promethean Warform ship class
– Added the animated Slime portrait by mnidjm
– Added 5 new leader traits
– Added an new Civic “Divine Crusader”
– Added a new form of government (Terran Autocracy)
– Added a new form of government (Prophetic Dictatorship)
– Added the possibility to become the Kwisatz Haderach if you survive the water of life ritual with a psionic character.
– Removed old and unused scripts

Version 5.01.02, 11/12/2022
– Updated to 3.6.1
Version 5.01.01, 24/05/2022
– Updated to 3.4.3
Version 5.01.00, 09/12/2021
– Updated to 3.2.2
– Code optimized
– Pandora Hierarchy is now Determined Exterminator
– Pandora Origin completly reworked
– Pyrrhoxian Hive now uses Lithoid Shipset
– Sejeth Hierarchy now uses Necroid Shipset
– League of Veksha-Xul have now the Death Cult civic
– Added Slave Traders origin
– Added new Human (Minoan) portrait
– Added House Minos species
– Adjusted Proud/Arrogant/Narcisstic trait modifiers
Version 5.00.02, 06/10/2021
– Updated to 3.1.2
– Reworked the VMSC starting system to use the new industrial districts
– Fixed a bug in the M:E Special; the Quarians now starts with the correct origin effect
Version 5.00.01, 21/04/2021
– Updated to 3.0.3
– Added two planetary edicts for slave/citizen population control
– Pandora in the Iapetos System now always is a nuked world
Version 5.00.00, 22/02/2021
– Updated to 2.8.1
– Complete rework of nearly every aspect
– Added the ‘V-Mods Space Corporation’
Version 4.20.03, 05/09/2018
– Updated to 2.1.2
– Added an farewell message
Version 4.20.02, 01/06/2018
– Updated to 2.1.1
Version 4.20.01, 02/05/2018
– Updated to 2.0.4
– Fixed a bug that custom Prometheans didn’t started with the Pandora Machine
Version 4.20.00, 04/04/2018
– Updated to 2.0.2
– Improved scripts & events essentially
– Improved compatibility
– Added several new human portraits which ne clothes, hairs etc.
– Rebalanced ‘Spice’ modifier
– Added ‘V-Mods’ species class
– Forgot to note the changes – maybe there are lot more then I remember
– Feel free to call me if you encounter any unexpected (not listed) changes
Version 4.10.06, 08/12/2017
– Updated to 1.9.0
– Changed the ‘Sejeth Hierarchy’ ship graphic to ‘humanoid’
Version 4.10.05, 03/12/2017
– Fixed a bug that Matriarchies & Prometheans species has their initial homeworld removed
– Fixed a bug that the AI sterilized all it’s pops via genetic modifying
– Added a missing english localization (Inbred trait)
Version 4.10.04, 13/11/2017
– Fixed a bug which has disabled many vanilla buildings
– Fixed a bug that there were no options to customize Shemei leaders
– Unique starting buildings now have to be replaced instead of being upgraded
Version 4.10.03, 12/11/2017
– Fixed several bugs concerning the new opinion modifiers
– Fixed a bug with the english localization
Version 4.10.02, 11/11/2017
– Added the ‘Ascellian Free Traders’
– Integrated the ‘Ascellian Race’ mod
– Added a new namelist for matriarchies
– Added a starting system for the ‘Ascellian Free Traders’
– Optimized some obsolete asset selector codes
– The ‘Artificial Insemination’-trait was replaced with ‘Autogamy’
Version 4.00.02, 03/11/2017
– There are no longer randomized Promethean species on game start – this was unwanted and buggy
– Optimized some obsolete asset selector codes
– Slightly improved the shemei robot portrait
– Added a few random names for the matriarchy & promethean species classes
Version 4.00.01, 30/10/2017
– Updated to 1.8.3
Version 4.00.00, 24/10/2017
– Added 4 new portraits
– Added many new traits for the Promethean species class
– Added some new unique starting buildings for the prescripted starting systems
– Spice is now a strategic ressource with it’s own gameplay mechanic
– Integrated the ‘Expanded System Names’ mod
– Integrated parts of the ‘Custom Machines Animated Portaits’ mod
– General rebalancing of some traits
– General optimization
– Improved/fixed some localisation issues
Version 4.00.00 BETA, 12/10/2017
– Updated to 1.8.2
– Added 2 new species classes (Promethean & Matriarchal)
– Added the ‘Inbred’ trait
– Added the ‘Matriarchal’ trait (Matriarchal only)
– Added the ‘Artificial Insemination’ trait (Matriarchal only)
– Added the ‘Ensouled’ trait (Promethean only)
– Added the ‘Semi-Consciousness’ trait (Promethean only)
– Added the ‘Advanced Logic Processor’ trait (Promethean only)
– Added the ‘Scary’ trait
– Overworked the ‘Promethean Construct’ & ‘Warmachine’ traits
– Adjusted some of the prescripted species’ civics and traits
– Improved/fixed some localisation issues
Version 3.40.00, 27/09/2017
– Updated to 1.8.0
– Adjusted the traits of some species to restore compatibility with 1.8.0
– Replaced the system-initializer based custom syncretic species with customized syncretic evolution civics. This was necessary due the changes that pdox made with 1.8.0.
– Reworked all custom System initializers. This was necessary due the changes that pdox made with 1.8.0. They work, but are still WIP.
Version 3.30.03, 19/06/2017
– Updated to 1.6.2
Version 3.30.02, 02/06/2017
– Fixed missing regnal names for various name lists.
– Fixed a bug with the name of the prescripted ‘House Atreides’ ruler.
– Added custom tooltips to the ‘Parasite’- and ‘Promethean Construct’-traits.
– Added the ‘Sterile’-trait – you can now sterilize your pops via gene modding.
Version 3.30.01, 30/05/2017
– Fixed missing english localization for the promethean species traits.
– Changed the ‘Cyborg’ species class to ‘Artificial’.
Version 3.30.00, 29/05/2017
– Added 2 new backgrounds for empire flags
– Added 3 new emblems for empire flags
– Improved the quality of the ‘Shemei Covenant’ flag emblem
– Fixed a bug that the ‘Alpha Centauri’ system was created sometimes twice
– Renamed the ‘Shemei Covenant’ to ‘Shemei Cult’
– Reworked the Shemei species traits to fit the lore better
– Reworked the ‘House Atreides’ empire flag
– Reworked the ‘Empire of Tsun’ empire flag
– Reworked the ‘Sejeth Hierarchy’ empire flag
– Reworked the ‘Pyrrhoxian Hive’ empire flag
Version 3.20.00, 20/05/2017
– Added the ‘Shemei Covenant’
– Added a namelists for the ‘Shemei Covenant’
– Added a starting system for the ‘Shemei Covenant’
– Added a new trait (Warlike)
– Added a prescripted, custom ‘Syncretic Evolution’ species for the Sethia-System
– Added a prescripted, custom ‘Syncretic Evolution’ species for the Lamia-System
– Added a prescripted, custom ‘Syncretic Evolution’ species for the Cyronia-System
– Added a static opinion modifier for the ‘Principality of New Cyronia’ and the ‘Order of Cyronia’, now they always hate each other
– Fixed a bug that the new rules for ‘Parasite’ and ‘Promethean Construct’ were not applied correctly
– Parasites can now feed on their own species, but with an immense penalty
Version 3.10.00, 18/05/2017
– Updated to 1.6.1
– Changed back the Cyron portrait to vanilla molluscoid_15
– Added a new portrait (Shemei, female only lamia-like species)
– Added a new city type for the ‘Tribunal of New Zion’
– Added a new flag emblem
– Added two new traits (Proud & Immortal)
– Overworked & improved most of the new trait icons
– Overworked & rebalanced the custom traits
Version 3.00.00, 12/05/2017
– Updated to 1.6.0
– Added a new portrait (Fremen, modified version of the vanilla humans)
– Added a new portrait (Cyrons, Molluscoid 15 with new clothes, more Color options and a custom made female portrait)
– Redefined the default portrait for humans, all human factions have now an different one
– Added new namelists for the species which had none
– Added a starting system for the ‘Tribunal of New Zion’
– Added a starting system for the ‘Pandora Hierarchy’
– Added a unique building for the ‘Pandora Hierarchy’
– The additional traits now counting as ‘advanced traits’ for gene modding
– Added some more trait-opposites to prevent unlogic random generated species
– Overworked ‘Parasite’ and ‘Promethean Construct’ traits, growth is now completely deactivated if the needed conditions aren’t given
– Splitted the mod to make the species separately choosable
– Changed the ethics of the ‘Principality of New Cyronia’ to fanatic xenophobe/spiritualists
– Rollback of the ‘Fanatical purifier’-Civic to vanilla
Version 2.00.00, 18/04/2017
– Updated to 1.5.1, reworked the governments of all custom species
– Added a new species class (Cyborg) inclusive City & ship type (based on Di Crash’s Xenon Sector)

– Added the ‘Tribunal of New Zion’
– Added the ‘Pandora Hierarchy’
– The ‘standard’ trait for the human species is now ‘Adaptable’ instead ‘Nomadic’ & ‘Quick Learner’ 
– The ‘Abominable’-trait was replaced with ‘Emotionless’
– The ‘Hive’-trait was replaced with ‘Bustling’
– The ‘Unscholarly’-trait was replaced with ‘Arrogant’
– Added the ‘Narcissistic’-trait
– Added the ‘Paranoid’-trait
– Added the ‘Promethean Construct’-trait
– Added the ‘War Maschine’-trait
– Reworked the traits of all custom species
– Localized custom ruler titles to english
– ‘Fanatical purifier’-Civic is now also avaible for fanatic spiritualists
Version 1.10.02, 06/03/2017
– Added a interconnection to the V-Mods – Religions mod.
Version 1.10.01, 20/02/2017
– The ‘Dark Ones’ and ‘Neo-Human’ portraits are no longer used for random species.
Version 1.10.00, 18/02/2017
– Added one new namelist (Terran)
– Replaced the ‘infertile’ trait (Seth) with ‘parasite’. Parasites requires at least one xeno species as host, otherwise they will suffer massive disadvantages.
– There will always spawn a species called Sejethani (the natives of Sejeth) on the homeworld of the Sejethanibus System. This species serves as a initial host for the parasite Seth.
Version 1.00.00, 16/12/2016
– Release

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