Stellaris – Atreides Soundtrack

Game Stellaris
Game Version 1.5.1
Type Soundtrack
Language Multilanguage
Mod Version 1.00.03


A additional score for Stellaris.

Hm, yeah, it’s just the Atreides Soundtrack from “Emperor – Battle for Dune”. If you don’t know the game, check out the sample below.

I do not own this music, all right are holded by Electronic Arts.

This Mod does not replace any songs, but just add new ones.

Compatible with all Versions and with any other Mod.

Full Tracklist:

1. The War Begins
2. Sand Excursion
3. Assembling the Troops
4. The Spice Must Flow
5. The Overseer
6. Battle of the Atreides
7. Ride the Worm
8. Infiltrating HK
9. Unsuspected Attack
10. Fremen Alliance
11. Assassination Attempt
12. Fight in the Dunes


Version 1.00.03, 17/04/2017
– Fixed a Bug that ‘(AT07)Ride the Worm’ wasn’t played proper
Version 1.00.02, 17/04/2017
– Updated for Stellaris 1.5.1
Version 1.00.01, 08/04/2017
– Updated for Stellaris 1.5.0
Version 1.00.00, 11/12/2016
– Release

Sample Music


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