Galactic Civilisations II – Age of Cyron

Game Galactic Civilisations II: Twilight Of The Arnor
Game Version 2.20
Type Faction
Language German only
Mod Version 1.00.00


A custom faction for GalCiv2: TotA.

The Cyrons  are the descendants of an human pioneers, which were part of an space-expedition in the early 21st century.
Vladek Slavos, the legendary ancient leader of the Cyrons, was a mighty warlord, which ascended to a kind of demigod through alien technology and advanced cybernetics. He was the one, who liberated the now as ‘Cyronia’ known planet in the early times of the cyronian era. After the Cyrons could purge the planet from rebels, aliens and fanatics, they founded a interplanetary imperium.

The Cyrons are – even if they have the same ancestors as the Terrans – far superior to the human race. Genetically improved and equiped with high-tech cyberware the Cyrons are real superhumans.

Now, many years after the death of Slavos, his realm still exists, and with the knowhow to travel faster-then-light, Emperor Anton Slavos II. has the ambition to bring the whole galaxy under the control of his empire. The Cyrons should rule as lordly Superbeings, like the old gods in ancient times. The galaxy should shine in a new dawn – the age of Cyron has come!


What is ‘Age of Cyron’?
‘Age of Cyron’ continues the story of my Alpha Centauri mod ‘Dawn of Cyron’ and make the Cyrons available for GalCiv2.
The Cyrons are a simple custom race which you can load in the game setup. They uses a custom portait, a custom flag and a custom made technology tree.

Which are the main features?
-New faction with a custom leader and logo
-New custom techtree for the cyronian faction

What can this mod doesn’t offer?
The Cyrons have no custom ship templates.

How to install this mod?
It’s very simple: download the archive, extract it and run the setup.exe. Then just follow the install-wizard.
Please note that the installation path must be the install dir of GalCiv2.

How to uninstall this mod?
This mod uses a entry at the ‚programs‘-list. From there, you can easely deinstall the mod with an unistall-wizard.

Where can I post my feedback?
Post your feedback here as a comment!

What else do I have to consider?
You can choose the language at the setup – please note that this don’t affect the mod itselfs and only changes the language of the setup wizard.
It is possible that certain antivirus programs block the setup.exe. In this case, the .exe must be added to the exceptions or the antivirus have to be deactivated during the installation.
This mod was created initially for the stardock version of GalCiv2 – TotA, but it should be full compatible with the Ultimate version on steam.




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