Eternal War 0.61.01

Eternal War, 0.61.01

Version 0.61.01

Original Changelog got lost – this one is may not complete


  • Improved AI behavior
  • Fixed the USSR Winter War and Barbarossa preparation AIs since they had wrong target provinces definitions


  • The USSR is now partial mobilized at the start of the game
  • Bulgaria has now an extended professional military and the appropriate MP
  • Added some additional starting Divisions to the USSR
  • Added some units to the production queue of AI USA
  • Added some units to the production queue of AI USSR
  • Doubled the effect of shore bombardment
  • Increased the GDE for Soviet doctrines by 10%
  • Reduced the GDE for German doctrines by 8%
  • While played by the AI, the USSR get some instant build units (at full MP cost!) and some free blueprints after the great patriotic war event
  • Increased the minimum available tech teams by 1
  • Increased the maximal available tech teams by 1
  • Changed some events for Nationalist China. The events give China additional units when it loses too much ground. Set forward the event dates to prevent an early defeat before they can trigger


  • Splitted up the USSR in four separate countries for better balancing
  • Added a new country (Russian Union)
  • Added some new (more historic) model and unit names
  • Added historic ministers for Paraguay
  • Added historic ministers for the USSR
  • Added many unique minister personalities
  • Added an prewar model of tank destroyers (cavalry / cruiser tanks)
  • Improved the 1936 cabinet of the USSR (more realistic)
  • Added some tech teams for the Philippines
  • Added some tech teams for the USA
  • Corrected national provinces for the Free Siberian Executive
  • Italy get now Resistenza divisions after the Badoglio Proclamation
  • Replaced some swiss rebel ministers & leaders


  • Added an event for Stalin to replace Molotov
  • Added a new event chain for the end of Czechoslovakia
  • Added an event for the swiss army reform in 1936-38
  • Added an event for a revolt in Ticino (swiss civil war)
  • Added an event to reunite white and red Russia after Bitter Peace with Germany
  • Added an event to deconstruct the Italian base in Romania after Italy was defeated
  • Added the option to send an Intervention to Russia instead of declaring war in the ‘Partidul Alb’ event and the decision to end that intervention later
  • Fixed a bug that the Reichskommissariats didn’t get the correct provinces when released
  • Fixed a bug that the German-Soviet war triggered again after The Bitter Peace
  • Fixed a bug that the War in the Balkans event didn’t triggered when Yugoslavia is allied to Romania
  • Fixed a bug that the USA still held its claims on France after the German capitulation event chain
  • Fixed wrong spawning position of RAF Habbaniya (Anglo iraqi war Event)
  • Deactivated the ‘Liberation of France’ event – to replace it with an improved event in a later version
  • Delayed the Hungarian-Romanian Alliance a little bit
  • Doubled the chance to trigger ‘Govermental crisis’ for the South-Russian Alliance when played by the AI
  • Reduced the AI chance to choose unhistorical event outcomes for some events
  • Changed the trigger for the Romanian capitulation when it joins the Southern Whites. The event triggers now also when Romania is not allied to the whites ever more. Additionally, the event no longer triggers when Romania has lost 33% of its VP, but when it has lost 15% of its national provinces
  • Romania will now join the Siberian Whites if allied with the Southern Whites while they support Vladek


  • Replaced some of Germanys minister pics
  • Replaced some of Spains minister pics
  • Replaced some of Portugals minister pics
  • Added missing counters for Romania
  • Added an correct counter for U04 (Carpatho-Ukraine)
  • Added some new unit & model pictures
  • Reworked the naval tech tree
  • Added an terrain type icon to the province pictures


  • Improved parts of the map
  • Reworked Mongolia
  • Added some rare resources and energy in Abyssinia
  • Corrected the terrain types in mainland Japan
  • Corrected the terrain types in China


  • Cavalry can’t use ‘normal’ brigades anymore, however ‘mobile’ ones instead. This was necessary to prevent an CTD when upgrading cavalry to motorized cavalry
  • Fixed the issue that the Aircraft Assembly Line decreased the Transport Plane build time by 800 to 20
  • Added some missing core provinces for Free France
  • Added some missing core provinces for Allied Occupation Zone


  • Added more starting techs for Portugal
  • Added more starting techs for the Philippines
  • Added more starting techs for Persia
  • Added missing national provinces to the USSR
  • Mongolia has now access to Soviet Siberia and Sinkiang
  • Set an Abyssinian leader to dormant since he should not available at 1936
  • Chile has now a more historic OOB in 1936
  • Corrected the starting techs of Chile
  • Corrected wrong minister personality for the Iraqi HoS


  • Fixed a problem with various missing strings in Italian events
  • Expanded the English localization

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