Eternal War 0.55.00

Eternal War, 0.55.00

Version 0.55.00

– AI redeploy cheat (static max. value of days needed for redeployment) deactivated
– The AI no longer changed ministers due their personality
– Changed neutrality stance of Syrian AI
– Changed the German targets in Poland to prevent that Krakow becomes unconquerable to the AI
– Overworked the soviet AI slightly to improve the USSR’s performance in fighting the whites.
– Fixed a bug that the AI canceled the alliance between Syria and Lebanon on game start
– Fixed a bug that Romania was declaring War to German allied Yugoslavia
– Fixed a bug that the Ukraine Peoples Republic makes peace with the southern White in early game
– Added some basic AI files for the Free Siberian Executive
– Added an AI file for England after the successful Operation Husky
– England now gives independence to France if it not exists
– Yugoslavia now only joins the axis after the ‘Fall of France’
– Nerfed the Southern Whites (less free troops)
– Improved the trigger for AI D-Day

– Reduced movement speed in jungle terrain
– Reduced movement speed in desert terrain
– Reduced the chance for a leader to get a specialization trait

– Added some historic Ministers & Leaders for Iraq
– Added a regency until Romanian king Carol III. come of age in 1937
– Added some fictional Romanian noble leaders
– Added some Hungarian leaders for the Hungarian-Romanian union
– Added some Hungarian ministers for the Hungarian-Romanian union
– Added Ukraine to the start scenario
– Added some ships and airplanes to Dacia
– Removed some unhistorical leaders for Romania
– Removed some unused leaders for Romania
– Changed the ideology of Romanian Chief of Airforce ‘Dante Vizante’ to PA
– Replaced the Romanian-Abyssinian leader ‘Gilaneh’ with ‘Merid’
– Completely reworked the initial situation in Russia 1936
– Completely reworked the Finnish OOB

– Changed the position of Romanian troops in Greece (Orthodox-entente event)
– Changed the ‘Romanian-Abyssinian friendship treaty’ to ‘Romanian military mission in Ethiopia’, including rewritten and new events
– Overworked the trigger for ending the Italian Balkan War
– Overworked the German ‘Bitter Peace’ event that it triggers also when Romania is siding with the Soviets
– Overworked the Italian capitulation completely (changed old events, added new ones)
– Overworked the ‘Death of Kornilov’ event chain completely (changed old events, added new ones)
– Added governmental change events for Iraq up to 1946
– Added events for the Anglo-Iraqi War, the Golder Square Coup & the British ‘Iraqforce’
– Added an Romanian victory event for the Italian Balkan War
– Added an Romanian victory event for the Soviet Invasion of Bessarabia
– Added two governmental change events for Hungary-Romania
– Added an peace event for Finland (Winter War)
– Added an event for Germany to declare war on Yugoslavia
– Added an event for Germany and the USSR to conquering the Caucasus-countries
– Added an event which creates garrison units for the axis Balkan puppets
– Added an capitulation event for the RSI
– Added an capitulation event for axis allied Spain
– Added events for the WW2 Aftermath (creation of communist puppet States)
– Fixed a bug that the Slovak National Uprising was triggered to early
– Fixed a bug where the USSR entered an alliance with Georgia and disbands the Cominter
– Fixed a bug where the ‘4th March Coup’ occurred after the republican victory
– Fixed a bug where the Anglo-Iraqi War has not triggered correctly
– Fixed a bug that some Nations couldn’t mobilize
– Deactivated the vanilla events for the Golder Square Coup
– Reduced the chance that Spain enters the Axis
– The ‘united russia’ event chain should trigger now more early
– The USSR will no longer start the winter war if they are losing in Bessarabia
– The USSR will no longer start a war in Bessarabia if they are fighting in Finland
– The ‘Grande Offensive’ decision is now only available from 1941 onwards
– The US Oil Embargo against Japan should trigger now later/more historical

– Repaired some corrupted graphic files
– Added a picture for light artillery brigade (naval)
– Added some new event pictures for several events
– Added new default pictures for mountains & plains
– Fixed incorrect event style of some events
– Slightly changed the mountain battle-modifier icon
– Overworked many flags of the Russian counter-revolutionaries
– Changed the color of the southern Whites

– Blocked the connection between Suceava & Stanislawow
– Added an new offset VP
– Added new Provinces in Switzerland & Syria

– Started with restructuring the mod files
– Removed alternative BGM
– Added some new battle sounds

– Fixed a bug that ‘Destroyer 2020’ was not deactivated by Default

– Corrected some typos in the German localization
– Started with restructuring the text files
– Started to create a English localization
– Changed the naming of specialization traits to fit the new terrain typed
– Changed the country name of Romania after the union with Hungary
– Rewritten some event texts for greater Romania

I hope you enjoy it 🙂

– Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game, version 1.04

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