WAW – Switzerland 1937

Game Wars across the World
Type Scenario DLC
Language English, German, Spanish, French & Russian
DLC Version 1.10.00
Price 2.99 Euros

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The first alternate history scenario for WAW!

Switzerland 1937 is the simulation of a fictive civil war in Switzerland, based on the unfinished and unpublished novel ‘Eternal War’. It’s the history of a Europe that never could recover from world war one and the great depression. In the most European countries, conditions prevailing which are tantamount to civil war. Radicalism, decline of democratic values and violent riots are ordinariness in many countries.
Encouraged by Franco’s rebellion in Spain, the anti-democratic, conservative-catholic ‘Eidgenössischer Bund’ started an uprising to transform Switzerland to a corporative-autocratic state. Supported by various right-wing conservative factions, the rebels have to seize the power in Switzerland. The government have to maintain the control over the important cities and economical centers, to defeat the insurgents.

Switzerland 1937 is a campaign lasting 16 turns each representing a few days between January and March, 1937. It opposes the Government and the Rebels over Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

  • The Government’s initial situation is superior in strategic and economic views, but their only combat ready units consist of decentralized, poorly equipped policemen. They must hold the line until the regular army can be mobilized.
  • The Rebels have powerful and motivated irregulars, but no supply and no financial backing. They have to seize control of important economic centers to continue their fight.

The game’s event cards allow full replay ability thanks to the numerous various situations that they create on the diplomatic, military, political or economical fields.

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Install Info:

This DLC comes with an installer.
Follow the instructions and make sure you chose the correct directory.
Normally this is: ‘C:\programs\Steam\steamapps\common’ (Steam version)

The DLC is fully functional with the Steam and non-Steam version of WAW.

The base game is absolutely necessary to play this scenario.

The WAW Shop is since 2022 no longer available. You now can buy this DLC only through Steam, so it no longer needs an installation.

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Planned Features:

– Steam release
– More specific unist with different attack & defense values
– Additional cards and Units
– Spanish localization

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Version 1.10.00, 21/02/2019
– Steam release
– Added more details for the existing units
– Added new cards
– Added new units
– Added spanish localization
Version 1.00.01, 10/12/2018
– Fixed an issue that the Foreign Nation flag wasn’t shown correctly
– Fixed an issue that the ingame info button did not worked
– Fixed an issue causing a CTD when playing with activated battle log
Version 1.00.00, 18/11/2018
– Release

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