Switzerland 1937 released

I wish everyone a beautiful Advent, and proudly want to present a new project: Switzerland 1937

Switzerland 1937 is a scenario DLC for the great turn based strategy game Wars across the World and the first commercial project of V-Mods.
The scenario is part of the ‘Eternal War’ universe most of my mods builds on and it’s about a civil war in Switzerland in early 1937, where right-wing catholics uprises against the liberal-democratic government. You can play both sides and decide the fate of Switzerland.

While most of the scneario is made by myself from scratch, Strategiae and Avalon Digital supported me decisive with the art and localization.

The scenario can be bought on the WAW shop for 2.99 Euros. Supported languages are english, french, spanish, german and russian. The earnings are (beside various fees) solely used to cover costs for the V-Mods websites or ressources I’ve bought or will buy for other projects.
Please note that you still need the main game, ‘Wars across the World’ which you can get for around 10 Euros.

I hope you will enjoy Switzerland 1937. If you run in any problems, have a suggestion or bug reports, please post it here, the WAW Forum or send a email to support@vmods.org

A steam release is planned in january/february 2019. I work already on version 1.10.00, which should be ready on steam release.
The new version will come with more specialized units (different defense/attack values supported with the new WAW engine) and some additional units like militarized police or rebel milita in divisional strenght. On the top of that, I plan to add few more cards any many new unit pictures (like more historical accurate uniforms for the Swiss Army and more varying militas).
I hope you like the Scenario so far and wish much fun by playing it!

Greez Lucas

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