Stellaris – Purge all!

With this small Mod you can not only purge with xenophobes and collectivists but also with any other Dictatorship.

Should work proper with 1.3.2.
I don’t own Leviathan, therefore I don’t know if this mod is compatible.

Should be compatible with all Mods if they don’t modify the 00_policies.txt

I will no longer update this Mod ’cause I now use the “V-Mod Policies” for myself. Please use it too or use the “Purge all! – Unlimited” which I still support. If anyone want to “take over” this Mod, please send my an messange/friendrequest. I will then add you as Admin to this Mod.


20/11/2016 Updated for 1.3.2
05/11/2016 Updated for 1.3.1
27/09/2016 Updated for 1.2.5
03/07/2016 Updated for 1.2.1
05/06/2016 Updated for 1.1.0 + Bugfix
28/05/2016 Compatibility Improved
19/05/2016 Updated for 1.0.3
13/05/2016 Release


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