Stellaris – Fallen Forever

Game Stellaris
Game Version 2.1.2
Type Minimod
Language English & German
Mod Version 1.00.10


A Stellaris minimod which weakens Awakened Empires substantially.

With this small mod, Fallen Empires will get different Awakened Civics which weakens them instead of add godlike boni.

Awakened Empires will have now following Civic:

Decaying Industry:
Although the ancient machines of this high culture are technically extremely perfectionate, they suffer from age weakness and from the long lost knowledge about their entire function.
-Energy & Mineral output and shipyard buildspeed reduced

Arrogant Admiralty
As part of a technologically so highly developed civilization, the admirals and captains of this empire see no reason to evade the anyway ineffective enemy fire or make full use their own weapons potential.
-Spaceship weapon range & evasion reduced

Pusillanimous Soldiers
After centuries of peace and decadence, the soldiers of this civilization are no longer accustomed to war and see no reason to throw away their luxurious life.
-Army morale reduced

This mod should be compatible with all Mods except such which modify the fallen_empire_awakening_events.txt.


Version 1.00.10, 05/09/2018
– Updated to 2.1.2
– Added an farewell message
Version 1.00.09, 01/06/2018
– Updated to 2.1.1
Version 1.00.08, 02/05/2018
– Updated to 2.0.4
Version 1.00.07, 04/04/2018
– Updated to 2.0.2
Version 1.00.06, 27/02/2018
– Updated to 2.0.1
Version 1.00.05, 24/02/2018
– Updated to 2.0.0
Version 1.00.04, 08/12/2017
– Updated to 1.9.0
Version 1.00.03, 30/10/2017
– Updated to 1.8.3
Version 1.00.02, 12/10/2017
– Updated to 1.8.2
Version 1.00.01, 19/06/2017
– Updated to 1.6.2
Version 1.00.00, 12/06/2017
– Because the initial idea didn’t work (Awakened Empires were building ships/colonize world even with the civics which forbid this), Awakened Empires now gains new civics which just gives them very big mali.
– Full Release as version 1.0.0
Version 0.80.02, 18/05/2017
– Updated to 1.6.1
Version 0.80.01, 10/05/2017
– Updated to 1.6.0
Version 0.80.00, 05/05/2017
– Release BETA


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