Stellaris – Right to bear arms

Mod is bugged, please do not use anymore. You CAN add weapons to civil ships, but even if in battle, they will not use their weapons. I’m pretty sure this is hardcoded and not adjustable. I will try to work this mod over, but atm RTBA has an very low priority. If anyone want to help, feel free to contact me.

With this small Mod you can equip your civil ships with small weapons for self defense.

This Mod should work proper with 1.3.2.

Should be compatible with all Mods if they don’t modify the civil ship-classes.

Made for myself, but feel free to use!

I havne’t modified the ship-models. All equipped weapons will spawn invisible (with few exceptions) in the middle of the spaceships. This may be lead to some unsexy issues during combat.
I don’t know how to edit the models and haven’t time to work it out, but if someone wants to help, just send me the altered models. 🙂


11/20/2016 Release


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