Alpha Centauri – Dawn of Cyron

Game Alpha Centauri – Alien Crossfire
Game Version 2.0
Type Faction
Language English & German
Mod Version 1.20.02 E
1.20.02 D


A faction mod for Alpha Centauri – Alien Crossfire.

After the death of Captain Garlands, when the crew of the Unity divided into seven factions, nobody knew about the fanatical secret organization on board.

Vladec Slavos, Security Officer of the Unity, was convinced that the earth’s decline was inevitable. Humanity was weak, corrupt, and unable to reach a higher spiritual level. The only way to create a new mankind would be to create a new human itselfs. Slavos developed the doctrine of the ‘new dawn’, whose adherents want to become ‘better’ humans through genetic modification and cybernetics.

So it was that a small group of these transhumanist fanatics landed on the planet’s Surface. Under the leadership of Slavos, they immediately began to create their new humanity.
Without respect for UN law or other factions, the followers of the organization known as the “Order of Cyron” – led by there ruthless, unstoppable leader and his idea of the new dawn – tries to achieve world domination. And all the lower factions and their ludicrous ideals have to be subjected to the new “cyronian race”, superior in all.

Main Features:

‘Dawn of Cyron’ adds a complete new faction to Alpha Centauri and rebalances the original factions.
The factions which are added with Alien Crossfire were overall far superior to the base game factions: Now, they’re on the same level which allows to play as exampel with the ‘Spartans’ against the ‘Manifold Usurpers’ without unfairness.

How to install:

It’s very simple: download the archive, extract it and run the setup.exe. Then just follow the install-wizard.
Please note that the installation path must be the install dir of Alpha Centauri. Normally, that would be something like ‘C:\Games\Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri’.

This mod uses a entry at the ‘programs’-list. From there, you can easely deinstall the mod with an unistall-wizard.

It is possible that certain antivirus programs block the setup.exe. In this case, the .exe must be added to the exceptions or the antivirus have to be deactivated during the installation. Especially the uninstallation can causes problems due the reason that it uses a self extracting archive (lot antivirus softwares blocks them). In the case that the deintallation (restoration of original game files) fails, you may have to reinstall the game.


Version 1.20.02, 29/06/2017
– Added city graphics (Cyrons)
– Added landscape graphic (Cyrons)
– Added english localisation
Version 1.10.02, 01/06/2013
– Revised texts
– Redefined faction color (Cyrons)
Version 1.00.02, long ago
– Improved balancing
Version 1.00.00, long ago
– Release


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Download (German) (English)

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