Stellaris – Birthcontrol

Game Stellaris
Game Version 1.4.1
Type Minimod
Language English & German
Mod Version 1.40.00


A Stellaris minimod which one more policy.

With this small Mod you can control the procreation of your population.
You can prohibit the procreation of Xenos, your own Species or in general.

The Mod has a German and English localization; please note that my main language is German, if there a spelling/set position errors in the English version please give me a feedback :).

Your pops gain a happiness boni/mali, depending on your procreation law and their ethics.

Should be compatible with all Mods except such which modify the 00_rules.txt.


Version 1.40.00, 15/12/2016
– Updated to 1.4.1
– optimized script
Version 1.30.00, 05/12/2016
– Updated to 1.4.0
– happiness mali/boni now depend on population’s ethic
Version 1.20.02, 20/11/2016
– Updated to 1.3.2
Version 1.20.01, 05/11/2016
– Updated to 1.3.1
Version 1.20.00, 27/09/2016
– Updated to 1.2.5
– Bug Fix
Version 1.10.00, 05/06/2016
– Updated for Stellaris 1.1.0
– Bug that slave-population doesn’t bread anymore fixed
Version 1.00.00, 23/05/2016
– Release


supportive scripter and bug fixing: CPT.blackadder


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