TES IV: Oblivion – Forgotten Damnation

Game TES IV: Oblivion
Game Version 1.2.0416
Type Quest
Language German only
Mod Version 1.00.00


A vampire mod for Oblivion

In the dark early days of the mythic era, there were many unknown, mysterious nations and races. One of these archaic tribes has settled there, where today  the Imperial City stands. Their chieftain were mighty sorcerers and owned powerful artifacts. But with the arrival of the Aldmer, the primitive culture vanished.
Tousend years later, long after the  White-Gold Tower was build on the ruins of the ancient tempels, the old artifacts still lies deep under the earth…


What is ‘Forgotten Damnation’?
‘Forgottten Damnation’ contains a additional side quest. In this quest, you trace down the track of an ancient, forgotten tribe, as well you will find one of the greatest artifact of this proto-humans: A cowl, which protects from the sun; a cowl, whit which even the oldest and most mightiest vampire will survive during the daytime.

Which are the main Features?
An ancient artifact, which protects vampires from the sun…
…and a small quest, on which you can find it.
completely voiced by Frauke Kestner, known from mods like ‘Floranius – Der Garten der Winde’ or ‘Orden des Drachen’

What can’t offer this mod?
This Mod only exists in german.

How to install this mod?
It’s very simple: download the archive, extract it and run the setup.exe. Then just follow the install-wizard.
Please note that the installation path must be the install dir of TES IV. For a Steam version, that would be as example ‘C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Oblivion’.

How to uninstall this mod?
This mod uses a entry at the ‘programs’-list. From there, you can easely deinstall the mod with an unistall-wizard.

Where can I post my feedback?
Post your feedback here as a comment!

What else do I have to consider?
It is possible that certain antivirus programs block the setup.exe. In this case, the .exe must be added to the exceptions or the antivirus have to be deactivated during the installation.


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