Stellaris – Decadence Unlimited

Game Stellaris Game Version all Type Minimod Language Multilanguage Mod Version 2.10.03 Description A Stellaris minimod which modify the decadence trait. This mod adds 3 new “decadent”-traits (narcissistic, drug abuse, lust) and enables a custom version of the vanilla one – same effect, but not restricted to slavery ethics only (availble only in the empire […]

TES IV: Oblivion – Forgotten Damnation

Game TES IV: Oblivion Game Version 1.2.0416 Type Quest Language German only Mod Version 1.00.00 Description A vampire mod for Oblivion In the dark early days of the mythic era, there were many unknown, mysterious nations and races. One of these archaic tribes has settled there, where today¬† the Imperial City stands. Their chieftain were […]