Stellaris – Easier Colonization

Game Stellaris
Game Version 1.6.2
Type Minimod
Language Multilanguage
Mod Version 1.00.03


Easier Colonization for tertiary Worlds.

With this small Mod, the habitability for tertiary worlds is increased by 10%.
Adaptable Species can now colonize most worlds from the beginning.
The “Tomb World Preference”-Trait on the other hand is nerfed and have now only 30% habitability for savannah-, tropical- and ocean Worlds.

Should be compatible with all Mods except such which modify the 00_habitability_traits.txt.


Version 1.00.03,19/06/2017
– Updated to 1.6.2
Version 1.00.02, 18/05/2016
– Updated to 1.6.1
Version 1.00.01, 10/05/2016
– Updated for Stellaris 1.6.0
Version 1.00.00, 05/05/2016
– Release


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