Stellaris – V-Mods Religions

Game Stellaris
Game Version 1.4.1
Type custom policies
Language English & German
Mod Version BETA 4


Choose your state religion and crush the infidels!

This Mod adds a new policy, with which you can choose one of  11 religions as your state religion, and another with which you can force vassals to convert to your religion.
Every religion has their own modifiers, conditions and a extensive description for RPing. As a addition this mod also features a new religion map mode.

Following religions are chooseable:

  1. Terran monotheism
  2. Animism
  3. Great Old Ones
  4. Cybernetic transcendence
  5. Cyronian salvation
  6. Cyronian transcendence
  7. Atheism
  8. Secularism
  9. Divine emperor
  10. Star gods
  11. Xeno-messianism

Pops have an individal Religion based on their happiness, ethics and traits. This pop-religion is shown by a special trait. Note that in the current build, all religious modifiers are still only determined by the state policy, not by the pop religion.

Important notes:

– !!!This mod is currently a beta!!!
– The english localisation is not finished yet. I will add it for the full release.
– I had not the time to test the balancing. I will trust your Feedback, please tell me which Religion is over/underpowered.
– There will be major changes with Banks.
– Some of the religions requires atm the related mod V-Mods – Species to work proper.

Planned features:

– Modifiers based on the pop’s religion, not on the state’s one; dynamic pop religions.

– Balancing
– Full english localisation
– Maybe some more choosable religions
– General optimization


Version BETA 4, 27/03/2017
– Pop religion is now shown by a special trait.
– Added a new policy with which you can force a vassal to convert.
– Extended english localisation
Version BETA 3, 08/03/2017
– Pops now have their individual religion based on state religion, happiness, ethics and traits.
Version BETA 2, 06/03/2017
– Fixed an issue that Terran monotheism wasn’t choosable
Version BETA, 04/03/2017
– Release


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