Stellaris – Divine Crusader

Game Stellaris
Game Version 1.4.1
Type Minimod
Language Multilanguage
Mod Version 1.00.01


A Stellaris minimod which allows to build oversized battleships for holy empires.

With this small Mod you can build with divine autocraties oversized Ships like as with military dictatorships.
Time to start a holy crusade, with a glorious enlightened fleet, commanded by the god emperor himself!

Should be compatible with all Mods if they don’t the modify the 00_governments.txt.

At the moment you can build a oversized ship AND a great mausoleums. I want to limit this to one of the two for every ruler, but it seems that most of the “oversize-ship-stuff” is hardcoded and not modable. The Info for “Divine Mandate” (faction creation screen) doesn’t inform you about the new bonus, but this is intended. If I would modify the localisation files, this mod would become nearly uncompatible to many many mods.


Version 1.00.01, 15/12/2016
– Updated for Stellaris 1.4.1
Version 1.00.00, 05/12/2016
– Release


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