Age of Wonders – Lost World

Game Age of Wonders – Shadow Magic
Game Version
Type Scenario
Language German only
Mod Version 2.00.00


A new custom Scenario for AoW:SM

The world of Thalon has seen a lot – conflicts, civil wars and apocalyptic catastrophes. Today, in the year 519 of the younger era, about 2000 years after the fall of the old races, the young Imperator Meaurus holds together the empire of men with an iron Hand.

Many different wizards fight at Meaurus’ side – or want to destroy the empire.
Which site do you choose? What is your future for Thalon?


What is ‘Lost World’?
I originally built ‘Lost World’ for myself. It is a scenario that contains some custom resources and is based on its own background story.
The idea behind it was to get more ‘RPG Feeling’, away from interchangeable random maps, but with as few restrictions on the player as possible.
The selectable wizards are all embedded in the background story; and even if there aren’t that much races to select at scenario start, there is a city of at least every race on the map – so the player can also resurrect ‘extinct’ nations.
You will get the best result if you play this scenario
along with other human players who embody their respective wizards, play their role and fight not only for a conquest victory. The starting positions are deliberately unbalanced, but this reflects the completely different backgrounds of the respective wizards – but the story explains that enough.
Do not be frightened by the slow start! The many, in part very strong indepent creeps and the bad economic situation are wanted and prevent an early reaching of the late-game where everyone is fighting only with his strongest elite units. You will be much more dependent on standard units in Lost World.

Which are the main Features?
-New, lovefully detailed scenario
-3 new units
– Various new wizards, heroes and objects
– Extensive background history, indepent from AoW

What can’t offer this mod?
The new scenario does not contain any scripts or events. The AI acts as on a normal random map, which does not necessarily match the background story.

How to install this mod?
It’s very simple: download the archive, extract it and run the setup.exe. Then just follow the install-wizard.
Please note that the installation path must be the install dir of AoW:SM. For a Steam version, that would be as example ‘C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Wonders Shadow Magic’.

How to uninstall this mod?
This mod uses a entry at the ‘programs’-list. From there, you can easely deinstall the mod with an unistall-wizard.

Where can I post my feedback?
Post your feedback here as a comment!

What else do I have to consider?
It is possible that certain antivirus programs block the setup.exe. In this case, the .exe must be added to the exceptions or the antivirus have to be deactivated during the installation.
The Lost World scenario can be selected like the standard scenarios (name is ‘Lost World 2’). Do not forget to select the custom ressources before startup!


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