WAW – Switzerland 1937

Game Wars across the World Type Scenario DLC Language English, German, French & Russian DLC Version 1.00.01 Price 2.99 Euros Description — Install Info — Planned Features — Changelog — Screenshots — Buy Description The first alternate history scenario for WAW! Switzerland 1937 is the simulation of a fictive civil war in Switzerland, based on […]

Eternal War 0.61.00

Eternal War, 0.61.00 Version 0.61.00 Changelog: AI – The AI should now play more historical – The US AI should do more invasions in Europe – Reduced the amount of free units for the White Partisans in Siberia – Reduced the amount of free units for the USSR – Removed obsoleted code lines from nearly […]

Eternal War 0.60.00

Eternal War, 0.60.00 Version 0.60.00 Changelog: AI – Russian Civil War minors should no longer sue for peace with the Ussr – Russian Civil War AI for the Red & the Whites improved – The AI should have a more historical behavior (testing phase) – Lowered the max number of divisions the AI build – […]

Stellaris – V-Mods Species: Mass Effect Special

Game Stellaris Game Version 2.1.2 Type custom species Language English & German Mod Version 4.20.03 Description —— Featuring —— Install Info —— Important Notes —— Credits —— Changelog —— Screenshots —— Download Description An MassEffect addon to V-Mods Species This mod adds an custom Asari and Quarian Empire to play with. Both use the great […]

Battle for Supremacy – Bonus Track

Game Stellaris Game Version 2.1.2 Type Soundtrack Language Multilanguage Mod Version 1.00.08 Description —— Changelog —— Download Description: A new Soundtrack by Andreas Waldetoft. This Mod adds a new Music track, created by Andreas Waldetoft. The Track is the OST bonus track “Battle for Supremacy”. I do not own the included music, all rights are […]

Eternal War 0.55.00

Eternal War, 0.55.00 Version 0.55.00 Changelog: AI – AI redeploy cheat (static max. value of days needed for redeployment) deactivated – The AI no longer changed ministers due their personality – Changed neutrality stance of Syrian AI – Changed the German targets in Poland to prevent that Krakow becomes unconquerable to the AI – Overworked […]

Stellaris – Static Alien Pet Portrait

Game Stellaris Game Version 2.1.2 Type Minimod Language Multilanguage Mod Version 1.00.10 Description —— Credits —— Changelog —— Screenshots —— Download Description: A new cute Portrait for Stellaris. This Mod adds a new portrait to Stellaris, based on the ‘Alien Pet’ symbol. The new Portrait was handcrafted with much love by the known artist Yukka. […]

Stellaris – Benjaseth’s Species Names

Game Stellaris Game Version 2.1.2 Type Minimod Language Multilanguage Mod Version 1.00.11 Description Hundred new species names – a even more diversified game! This Mod adds at the moment 100 new loading species names (inclusive individual homeworld and system Name) to Stellaris. Every species name was created by Benjaseth; thanks a lot for your amazing work! This Mod  just adds the new […]