All Mods on this Site have to comply with these rules:

  1. Do not steal: A mod mustn’t contain elements which are not created by the stated creator. If you use external ressources, you have to ask the respective creators to use them and add credits.
  2. No unnecessary offensive content: Do not add offensive content to a mod without any reason. If you’re modding an eroge e.g., it’s totally okay if your mod contains h-Scenes. But no one needs hard pornography in a fantasy RTS.
    The same apply to all kinds of religious & political extremism: If you create a mod which adds an anti semitic, Axis aligned form of the USA to Hearts of Iron, it’s okay, but don’t create gas chambers for The Sims. Make a event for Crusader King 2, which contains the slaughter of muslims, but do not change all enemy model in Call of Duty to Hijab wearing womens.
  3. No low quality mods: V-Mods should be a label for activly supported, at least average mods. We can not accept abandoned or unplayable mods. Of course there are some exceptions: Mods in an early stage of development (as long the modder/team behind it can and will fix the bugs) will be accepted without problems. If a dev team have to abadon an already on V-Mods released project, the mod will not deleted, but moved to obsolated projects instead.
  4. No international outlawed content: We will not accept any mods & programs which contains illegal/harmful code (e.g. cracks & viruses) or outlawed themes (e.g. child-pornography).
  5. No fake news: Mods which claims to base on true events, have to represent these event correctly – verifiable! As long there is no “truthness-claim” in the mod description, this rule is not applicable.