Current Version (0.50.00)

Scenario 100% complete
UI complete except most country skins
Techtree complete, but need some fine tuning/graphical overhaul
Events Many events for Romania, White Russians, Albania, Greece, Spain and some other minor countries
Database overhaul completed for some minor countries, in WIP for few majors
Balancing None
AI AI files for few countries, especially for the 2nd russian civil war.
Units most of the new units are integrated, but not balanced/with default values
Timeline playable up to 1945/end of WW2
Language German localisation only

 Next Version (0.xx.xx)

Scenario 100% complete
UI try to reach 100%
Techtree at least graphical overhaul completed
Events finish Romania/Orthodox Entente events up to 1945
Database overhaul …unfinishable work, but the balkan and middle east majors and minors have priority
Balancing WW2 should have an realistic outcome, everything else have no priority
AI no priority atm
Units New units up to 1945 should be balanced, the rest have no priority atm
Timeline first all Event chains up tp 1945, after WW2 is just a long term objective
Language If I find an translator the english localisation is priority 1

 Full release (1.00.00)

Scenario alternate 1936 scenario
UI individual top bar skin for all countries
Techtree techtree until the future (2050+), new art style
Events all major events up to 1945, all governmental changes for major countries up to 1945
Database overhaul as much as possible
Balancing WW2 should have an realistic outcome
AI if AI vs AI, the 2nd world war shoud have an realistic outcome
Units new units up to 1945 balanced and integrated
Timeline playable up to 1947 (truman doctrine)
Language if there is any possibility I want to have an english localisation