Stellaris – Static Alien Pet Portrait

Game Stellaris Game Version 2.1.2 Type Minimod Language Multilanguage Mod Version 1.00.10 Description —— Credits —— Changelog —— Screenshots —— Download Description: A new cute Portrait for Stellaris. This Mod adds a new portrait to Stellaris, based on the ‘Alien Pet’ symbol. The new Portrait was handcrafted with much love by the known artist Yukka. […]

Stellaris – V-Mods Species

Game Stellaris Game Version 2.1.2 Type custom species Language English & German Mod Version 4.20.03 Description —— Featuring —— Install Info —— Available Species —— Important Notes —— Planned Features —— Trivia —— Credits —— Changelog —— Screenshots —— Download Description Many new species – and more! This Mod adds 17 new, custom made species […]

Alpha Centauri – Dawn of Cyron

Game Alpha Centauri – Alien Crossfire Game Version 2.0 Type Faction Language English & German Mod Version 1.20.02 E 1.20.02 D Description A faction mod for Alpha Centauri – Alien Crossfire. After the death of Captain Garlands, when the crew of the Unity divided into seven factions, nobody knew about the fanatical secret organization on […]