Stellaris – V-Mods Species: Mass Effect Special

Game Stellaris
Game Version 2.8.1
Type custom species
Language English & German
Mod Version 5.00.00

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An MassEffect addon to V-Mods Species

This mod adds an custom Asari and Quarian Empire to play with.
Both use the great portraits and namelists Silfae has created in june 2016. V-Mods has added some unique traits & two handcrafted starting systems.

Both species are 100% ‘compatible’ with the V-Mods Species universe: The Asari are in a early state of spacefaring and (except for the pre-FTL story) not connectet to the MassEffect storyline -the Quarians were thrown in the V-Mods universe through an misdirected experiment.

Take your favored V-Mods & MassEffect species and let them fight, trade and negotiate with each other!

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Animated Asari Portraits – Mass Effect
Animated Quarian Portraits – Mass Effect

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Install Info:

This mod is an expansion to V-Mods – Species. The base mod is absolutely necessary.
After you’ve downloaded respectively subscribed ‘V-Mods Species’, you simply can subscribe to this mod and activate it in the launcher.

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Importand Notes:

– Both species will spawn ALWAYS.
– Due some base game changes by Paradox, it’s no longer possible to redefine species class or traits on game start without any issues. Thereby the Asari and Quarian traits have to be available in the empire creation screen (else the custom prescripted species wouldn’t work). This let you pick both traits for 0 points with any custom species you create. If you like, feel free to pick them, but please keep in mind, that picking the Quarian trait will lead to unintentional exaggerated habitability modifiers in the combination most of the basic habitability traits. The AI will never pick these traits for random generated species.
– These new species are mainly for roleplaying, don’t expect good balancing 😉
– English isn’t my main language. Don’t expect a shakespearean localisation. I will try my best, but google translate is my friend.
– Don’t change the homeworld for the Quarians. They will always start with an arid world; the predefined gaia is only for the purpose to put in the right habitability. If you change the class of the homeworld, this will lead to unintentional, exaggerated habitability modifiers.
– Rannoch Nova will always be an arid world. If you chose the Quarian starting system with any other custom species, you will end up with an arid world.

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Animated Asari Portraits – Mass Effect by silfae
Animated Quarian Portraits – Mass Effect by silfae

Thank you a lot for these great mods!
Support Silfaes work on Patreon!

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